Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ever since making the [big surprise] official I've found myself feeling overwhelmed.

Not overwhelmed in the sense that I would back out of what I have agreed to do, just overwhelmed with information, new information, conflicting information, and of course judgmental information.

Those with judgments or who question my sanity in undertaking such a huge sacrifice...and sacrifice isn't the right word either, as I'm not losing anything at all, quite the opposite...need to understand this is not a decision either Brian or myself have taken lightly. This has been a decision that has been in the works for years. It is also a personal decision, ours to make, not yours to judge.

This process also isn't as 'easy' as it could sound - mentally, physically, emotionally, legally - its actually quite difficult. Its a long process and in the meantime we're going to 'relax', enjoy the journey, and I'm just going to freak out once in a while. Not because I am going to back out or recall my commitment, but because I'm a woman who has a tendency to cry...a lot...and freak out once in a while... ♥

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