Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Medical Update

Brace yourself!

This is going to come as a real shocker!

Do be sure to be sitting down.

Also, make sure all beverages are out of close reach!

The doctor ...


...LOOKED at...



...my shoulder!

You know, only because I started going to the doc ABOUT my shoulder...some 6 months or so ago...

Over this last 6 months or so I have seen/been tested for :

An allergist about my consistent congestion in my head...determined I have an over sensitive nose, gave me nasal sprays, problem solved.

A neurologist to check for carpel tunnel in my hands...determined I do not have carpel tunnel.

A dermatologist about a rash on my leg that's been there for some 5+ years, treated with SEVERAL different types of OTC creams & prescription creams...they did a biopsy, gave me a more potent cream, and I go back in on Thursday to see what the result was of the biopsy.

A sleep specialist about my consistent lack of energy & extreme exhaustion...determined I ALMOST have a mild, VERY mild case of sleep apnea - sleeping with a CPAP machine now for the last few nights....I still only get about 3-4 hours of sleep a night, most nights of the week...one child keeps me up late and the other gets me up early, the late to bed one still gets up in the middle of the night, most of the time. Plus, the pain in my shoulder still disturbs my sleep, when I am able to pass out from exhaustion.

I had a CT scan done that showed that I have a VERY small cyst in one of my sinus cavities...no real treatment for that outside of the nasal sprays.

Then of course I've had bloodwork done that has determined that I have perfect cholesterol, my hormone levels are all perfect, yada yada...one test did come back showing I had an overgrowth of a bacterium in my stomach that causes ulcers, was treated for that, all is well again...plus not taking any NSAIDs on a many times a day basis has done wonders for not irritating my ulcers.

Imagine the utter surprise FRUSTRATION that all of these tests and all of these treatments have done NADA, ZIP, ZILCH for the pain in my arm and shoulder! If anything, because I'm no longer taking the NSAIDs, neurontin, yada yada for the pain, the pain is actually WORSE. Now, I'm not talking about some piddly bruise type of pain. I'm talking pain that feels like someone has taken a simple wooden pencil, lined it thickly with dull barbs, and someone sits there, rotating it as if it was a spit over a fire, through the muscle that runs just above my shoulder blade.

I have dealt with this now for 10 years now. In fact, the original injury date was November 21, 2000. I fell down a flight of stairs. The first ER x-rayed my leg, told me it wasn't broke, have a nice day. The second ER, later that evening, discovered that I was pregnant, hence the reason for my extreme shortness of breath. Two days later I saw a doctor about not being able to really use my arm without this pain...she gave me some exercises to do, on my own, sent me on my way. Every fucking doctor since then has blown me off in similar nature. Treating me like I was just in there for pain killers, etc.

A whole fucking DECADE of dealing with this, and after seeing this doctor now for about 6 weeks, she running every other freaking test, up to and including sending me to a psychologist, has FINALLY TOUCHED my SHOULDER!

And guess what!

She noticed something!


I have this HUGE knotted bulge EXACTLY where I have been saying my problem lies. *GASP*

Its so bad that she's going to send me to have an MRI done OF MY SHOULDER! My LEFT SHOULDER! The one that bloody hurts worst than 100% natural childbirth all.the.fucking.time! I've had a 100% natural child birth, I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! When I tell these docs that I rank child birth as a 7 on the pain scale and this pain in my shoulder is an 11 you'd think they'd get the hint! Especially since everyone says child birth is so ungodly painful! ...I had my natural childbirth 3 weeks after the injury to my shoulder.

She is also sending me for a second opinion, with a different neurologist, to not only check for nerve damage in my arm/shoulder, but to also see about the frequent migraines that I have. She wanted to put me on amitriptaline for the migraines. I haven't personally taken it, but I know all too VERY well how Brian was both on that and then when he came off of it...that scared the SHIT out of me! I am terrified of having a similar reaction, so we're going to try to figure out a root cause and go from there.

I also see my therapist in the morning. Last time I saw her she asked me to come up with just one thing to try working on right now. I still haven't figured that out, so we'll see how it goes.

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