Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our 150lb Lap Dog

His name is Moose.

We've determined, based mainly on his size, that he is a Bull Mastiff.

He showed up in the 'neighborhood' about two weeks ago. Started hanging around our place about a week ago. He'd cower and run off anytime I would go out of the house, always with his tail tucked between his legs. He tied up our Mini-Schnauzer, LugNut,...we'll see what the puppies look like in a few months. I can't even begin to imagine. Mikeal started feeding him about 3 days ago and he warmed up to us. He's just a BIG BABY! We put a blanket on the porch for him yesterday. Today he came in the house for a few and all he wants to do is be petted and loved. He's quite leery of going into the kitchen & bedrooms. We keep the dog dish in the kitchen & while trying to familiarize him with the layout he'd follow commands towards the kitchen, but would cower and belly crawl across the kitchen floor, before stopping halfway, crying, then retreating out of the kitchen.

It is QUITE obvious that he was abused in his previous life. Possibly even used for fighting. He appears to have a few broken/missing teeth and several scars on his head and body. He's EXTREMELY obedient. Did I mention he just seems to want to be petted. Anytime I take my hand off of him to do a bit more typing he'll nudge my arm back off the desk, onto his head. He's currently sitting in the hallway, crying at the bathroom door, because Brian walked in there and is now no longer in sight.

He's quite HUGE now, but due to his lack of regular feeding and status as a stray for the last few weeks, at least, he's lost a bit of weight. You can see his ribs. He stands about 26inches tall at the shoulders, we estimate that he weighs about 130lbs right now, just based on my ability to pick him up and compare him to Mikeal's weight....Mikeal weights almost 80lbs and is a 'cinch' to pick up in comparison.

Oh, and Brian...he's 6'1" and weighs about 250lbs and they're sitting on a full size couch...

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