Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick-ish rant.

I absolutely am SICK of doctors. Yes, I'm over the moon that after 900 tests (for basically everything) this doc did FINALLY look at & touch my shoulder, determined there is in fact something actually wrong with the muscles on my shoulder (go figure huh, only told them since day three, ten years ago when I first it).

Second part of this rant: I am allergic or have violent reactions to some medications. Some different muscle relaxers & pain killers cause me to pass out and be violent in my sleep - seriously, while taking Darvocet after Mikeal was born I attacked my ex in my sleep - he has scars and bite marks on his back (he was passed out drunk, he likely doesn't know to this day) I even bloodied my own nose in that dream-fit, by slamming into his shoulder, which is what woke me up. The active ingredient in Darvocet and other similar pain meds/muscle relaxers is what causes this (I can't think of it and not going to look it up again, I know it starts with a 'P') so I stay away from it. Seriously, from what I can remember of the various events and what I've been told I was like while 'asleep' and taking this makes the Exorcist look like a kids' movie.

I'm also allergic to prednisone & steroids in general - break out in hives, swell, that sort - nothing major, but still, I've always caught it in time. Now, I tell my docs this info ALL.THE.TIME including the dermatologist that I saw just two weeks ago for a rash that has been treated with MANY different creams, ointments, and home remedies, to no avail, for 5 years now, even stating to her that I know that one of the steroid creams I had been given broke me out BADLY. She took a biopsy of the rash, gave me a single annoying stitch, and called me in a stronger than I have been using prescription cream (which was a non-steroid cream) to apply 3 times a day. I've kinda really slacked off using it like I'm supposed to, but have been diligent for the last two days, since I see her again tomorrow. I realized this evening that the rash actually seems to have gotten WORSE! I read the package insert again and realize the issue. It's a steroid cream. *headbang wall* My hands even have small traces of hives looking areas.

Then of course they always are pushing me to have a flu shot - I've only had one in my whole life - never have had the flu - the one flu shot experience put me in ICU for 3 days - deathly allergic to the flu shot.

I'm just completely fed up with it all! I could have SWORN that there was a reason docs & nurses ask you about your allergies, reactions, etc to different drugs?! And could have SWORN that there was a reason they write all this stuff down! Not to fail to mention the fact that I wrote out a huge (4page) list of allergies, medical tests, ailments, etc before even seeing the new doc for the first time, so that I wouldn't forget anything and they would have all the information! Do they just not read what they write down? GAAH!

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  1. It really sucks when doctors either look at you like your crazy when you are describing symptoms, etc... that later prove to be very real and empirically verifiable. I'm lucky to have no extreme reactions to drugs (the typical NKDA), but was just talking about a friend last night who had some similar reactions to prescription meds. And my wife has had some disconcerting ones as well. Hope you feel better soon. All the best.

    --Michael (