Friday, September 28, 2012

Making This Simple

In light of this being election season I have, once again, found myself to be OVERWHELMED with the amount of hatred there is in this country towards people who aren't   *whatever*.

I once again feel I need to clarify where I stand on many issues, then just forward the link onto those who are curious.

1 - I believe health care should be affordable for EVERYONE.  Thanks to policies only recently set into motion my family has that option.  Prior to these policies it meant that my family had to pay $1200 a MONTH JUST for the PREMIUM.  That did NOT include any copays, deductibles, yada yada extra crap.  So we went without, because it's cheaper to pay that one or two $5000 bills we MIGHT incur, than to pay a guaranteed $20,000 a year, on a less than $18,000 a year income.

2 - I believe that minimum wage is a joke.  Yes, it was raised $2.10/hr since the last election, but that still translates to only $15,080 a year for someone never missing a single day of work & putting in 40 hours a week.  Sure, it's easy to tell them to get a better education/better paying job...but then who will serve you your fancy $8 a cup coffee?  Or who will change the oil in your car?  Who is going to make sure your brand of wine is stocked on the shelf?  Who's going to make sure there's a cashier for you to purchase the gas from for your Mercedes?

3 - I believe that MY family plan is MY business.  Not yours or anyone else's.  I do believe that anyone who wishes to prevent the conception of a child should have access to effective & safe contraceptives.

4 - I do not believe someone who is ill equipped mentally or emotionally to care for a child should be blatantly forced to do so.  After all I've seen in my life I sincerely believe some children would have been better off if they had been aborted.  Absolutely no child deserves to be abused or tortured.  And don't try to feed me the bullshit about the child being put up for adoption or there being agencies in place to look after the welfare of children.  The adoption laws in this country are bullshit to work through and a person cannot go a single day without hearing about how shocked the community is that this perfect family had a child locked in a closet for years, in their own shit, or beat their infant to death, or FUCKING FORGOT that they had children in their vehicle when it's 100° outside.

5 - I do believe in the death penalty.  If you purposely take the life of another human being I believe death is your reward.  And by purposely that includes acts of negligence - see above - LEAVING YOUR CHILD IN A SWELTERING VEHICLE counts; being a drunk driver counts; being irresponsible with a firearm counts.  End of story.  In the cases where the shooter of the firearm is under the age of 14, then hold the parents responsible.

6 - I believe people should be allowed private access to firearms.  I should be allowed to be able to protect myself from anyone wishing to cause me/my family harm.  I should also be allowed to hunt game if I so desire to provide for my family.  But, also see #5.

7 - I believe everyone should pay the same, exact, tax rate.  If I'm only making $15,000 a year, then chances are SUPREMELY great that I'm not using the roads or convention centers or any number of other tax paid things even half as much as someone who makes $150,000 a year, so if they're paying in 30% & I'm paying in 30%, it's roughly equal to how much I use the public works services.

8 - Hell, I even believe that it'd be totally fair for me to pay an additional 10% of my income to cover health insurance.  It'd be a HELL of a LOT CHEAPER than paying the 150% expected of me now.  And if we're all paying, then it's covered.  You wouldn't believe the awesome interest rate the government gets on your dollar just sitting in their account!

9 - I believe it is ABSOLUTELY NONE of MY business whom someone else marries, unless they're wanting to marry me.  Unfortunately, for you, I'm already married, so you'll have to look somewhere else.  But seriously, what difference does it make if a person married a dude or a chick?  It's what's going to make them miserable.  No one said anything to me when my ex-husband was acting like a douchebag, but I was too young and naive to know any better.  Where were they to tell me HE IS ABUSING YOU!  RUN AWAY! Or "he's using these drugs when you're not around"?  Hell, the fucking cops wouldn't even tell me what he was charged with when he admitted, on tape, to intentionally trying to have sex with a FIVE (5) year old child!  I was LIED to for six goddamned MONTHS during the pre-trial bullshit.  When I left his sorry ass I was shunned for being a divorcee.  Yea, way to go me - at least I married a man & not a woman, because that's all that matters...but then I'm just as bad off because I got a divorcee, so I'm still going to Hell.

10 - I believe we're all entitled to our own religious opinions and affiliations.  This is NOT a Christian nation.  This is a FREE nation.  Spelled out, right there, black and white that the government cannot make a law "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Oddly freedom of religion seems to be thing in this country often revoked...
~~1649 - Freedom of religion was established in Maryland.
~~1653 - Catholics were outlawed from practicing their religion, in the same township that established religious freedom!
~~1657 - Freedom of religion restored.
~~1692 - Catholics outlawed from practicing their religion
~~~~~~~~Each of those Acts were in the same township.  Seriously, WTF?!
~~1776 - Religious freedom restored for EVERYONE...
~~Present day - it seems that's only true if you practice Christianity, but only secular Christianity, the kind that makes a huge profit for their leader each year.  By leader I'm not referring to the god Jehovah of their Holy Bible; I'm referring to Benny Hill or the Pope or whomever else is popular this week to look to instead of the god of their Holy Book.

11 - I believe everyone is entitled to the right to be an ignorant ass.  Just as I have the right to call them out on it.

12 - I believe I should just go ahead & publish this post instead of sitting on it any longer.  It's been in my draft folder for a while now.

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