Friday, October 5, 2012

Just wondering...

I watched the Presidental hopeful debate the other night and it left me with some questions.  Yes, I do understand that my questions seem to be directed to one side of the debate, I already have a favorable opinion of Obama.  I'm wanting someone to convince me to have a favorable opinion of Romney.   
So my questions are (and I'm dead serious, so if you an provide answers & links, with facts, I'd love to see them & feel free to pick & choose which questions you answer, I'm not expecting one person to have all the answers, unless you do...):

1 - What is the difference between a tax credit or break & tax reduction?
2 - How much will an oil pipe line, that runs from Alaska, thru Canada, into the US, cost, in USD?
3 - Have Canadians already given the green light to run this pipeline, all the way threw their country?
4 - Are the Canadians going to allow this pipe to run, free of charge?
5 - How is this oil pipe line going to save any money, at all?
6 - Is the funding cut to Sesame Street going to fund this pipeline?
7 - If Sesame Street's funding is going to fund the pipeline, how is that going to pay off our debt?
8 - How does taking low-cost birth control options away help with getting people out of poverty?
9 - How does not covering a pre-existing condition save the health care industry any money?
10 - How is "universal health care" a death panel philosophy but denying coverage to the poor, sick, elderly, and children not a death panel philosophy?
11 - Are these millionaires going to agree to pay their employees higher wages...without raising the cost of everything?
12 - Why should we bother with looking for a cure for things, like cancer, if all possibilities are not allowed to be tested?
13 - If things, like cancer, become curable, how will the pharmaceutical companies make their money?
14 - If the pharmaceutical companies are not making money, what is their initiative to find a cure?
15 - If the Federal Government stops giving funds for education, how will states that are already struggling, with the funds, going to manage?

That should be enough for the time being....

And please take my questions with a grain of salt.  I'm *just* a public high school graduated stay-at-home-mom working her way through getting a college education, with only my Freshman year behind me, raising a family below the poverty level.  It's reasonable to assume I know nothing about what I'm talking about based on that.

*insert eye roll*

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