Friday, October 26, 2012

Please Help!

A dear friend of mine's son was involved in a hit & run accident, as a pedestrian. As a result his left leg was shattered, requiring extensive surgery & a few days in the hospital. Happily he is home now, but sadly he is being held responsible for the medical & therapy expenses until (IF) they find out who hit him & if the perp even had insurance.

A fund has been set up at the Renasant Bank in the name of Wendi Piazza for Brenden Bezden Fund to help them with medical & other related expenses. Please consider & help them out. I know every little bit adds up and helps.

Also, the truck they are looking for is a newer, white, 4-Door Chevy pick-up that would have been in the Beltline/Hwy 20 area of Decatur, Alabama at 2am on Sunday, October 21st. Please share & help this family out. Thank you! 

It was covered by their local news station, but so far they've had no real leads.  

A Facebook Page has been set up for anyone who would like to stay up to date on progress and how to help!  

A Give Forward Page has also been set up and a donation widget is off to the right here! ----->>>> Please help this family as this catastrophe has put an additional hardship on the whole family that was just starting to get back on their feet after many months of unemployment.  They are being held wholly responsible for all medical expenses until the driver is found, which may never happen, unfortunately. 


  1. we will keep an eye out for that truck on the MS gulf coast... heal well warm wishes..

  2. Thank you Steph for getting the story out :) I so appreciate it!