Saturday, October 27, 2012

Re-purposed Skirt

Okay, bear with me, I'm posting in a  hurry

The jeans I'd had for about 10years.  About 7 years ago I stepped over a barbed wire fence, caught the leg on it & ripped them well.  BUT  I had some old BDUs so used that to make cool camo patches for it.

Got bored around that time & embroidered some stars onto one of the pant legs & added the BDU camo pocket.

Still wore them as jeans...

I have this thing about barbed wire fences & being able to step over the one at my mom's place...ripped half the leg out.

BUT MAN did I love these jeans.

I bought a yard of matching camp material & turned the jeans into a skirt, just messing around...hand sewed the whole thing, using embroidery thread, because that's what I had & I was going thru this huge patriotic phase then.

Wouldn't you know jeans don't quite fit right when you basically destroy them, especially when they're men's jeans to start with & you have another baby & the hips flare just a bit wider...  Last year I pulled it out to make some hip room into them...and my sewing machine crapped & I didn't have the patience anymore to do it by hand, not with two kids & school & everything else...and the arthritis.

Today I fixed my sewing machine & finished it for my post-apocalypse themed Halloween costume I'll be wearing tonight....

Here are the pictures.  Also just understand the boy didn't to be patient enough to just hold down the button for it to take a picture, so walked off because my camera was broken, in his opinion, so I had to take the pictures myself, while trying to stretch out far enough to actually get the best pictures I could of myself, without having to climb on my bed & take one in the dresser mirror....with giraffe shoulders would have been touching the ceiling to attempt that picture.

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