Friday, December 17, 2010

Confusion with a Side of Anticipation...

AF, for me, has always been right on time - 28 days. Generally I can pinpoint it down to the hour even, based on 'symptoms' the day before. This last few weeks, though, has completely thrown me for a complete loop and its just driving me a bit batty.

On Nov 14th I started, right on time, all 'normal' symptoms, etc. BUT then on Nov. 28th (CD14) I basically started again, except the only 'symptom' I had was bleeding - no cramping, no nothing else - and it lasted about twice as long as 'normal' - almost 6 days, instead of just 3-4.

On the 12th of Dec I tested (day 28, if you go by the 14th start date) but it was a solid negative. Its the same type of test I've used in the past... I haven't tested again since...

Now, because AF still hasn't shown (CD33) I don't know if I should just wait until day 28 after the new start date of Nov 28th, which would be Dec 26th, or if I should just test until either a test comes up positive or AF shows. I would just have my doc do a blood test, but she's out of the country until after the first of the year for Christmas Break.

Now, I haven't been on any medications for several months that would potentially screw up AF and just started on Zoloft last week, so I'm confident that its not a medication. I also really haven't had any significant pregnancy least not any that I've had in the past...but at the same time I've only really had very noticeable pregnancy symptoms when I've been pregnant with girls. My pregnancy with Mikeal wasn't really all that noticeable, outside of the cravings for steak with onions, weight gain, and violent puking episodes in my last trimester. With all three of my 'girl' pregnancies I had to use prescription heartburn meds for all of the pregnancy and I suffered from horrendous migraines from the get-go.

So far - no heartburn and the only migraine I've had has been related to an allergic reaction a few weeks ago. I don't think my boobs are any more tender that they would be at this physical therapist has me working muscles I wasn't aware existed prior to earlier this week, so maybe the soreness I have is related to that...

So maybe AF just decided to 'hiccup' and give me a double dose this month? That or there is more blue in our future. That'd be one hell of a way to round out the year - calling my mom to let her know that not only are her two sons expecting new bundles of joy at the end of July/beginning of August, but now her eldest daughter is also expecting a bundle towards mid-August. Only time will tell at time point...or taking a test...a test I have to remember to pick up.

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