Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2011

Everyone keeps asking me what my goals or resolutions are for the New Year...

Quite frankly I don't have a clue.

Right now everything seems to be hanging in the balance.

I'm currently waiting to find out if I can announce that the 'rabbit has died'...will find out in the morning...

I tried to reflect on last years resolutions only to find that any resolutions I did make flew out the window when we moved to Tennessee, leaving Oklahoma behind. I cannot say that I'm disheartened by not keeping any of those goals or resolutions. I'm ECSTATIC about not having those goals still lingering over me.

I did have a few goals that did not revolve around Oklahoma, but I didn't write them out anywhere...

Goals that I had going into 2010:
Remove that blasted Mirena - accomplished, finally, in July...
Start school - accomplished in March
Find out whats going on with my arm - optimistic that I'm now on my way to recovery, started in May, but no real progress until November, great progress since...
Find out whats going on with Mikaila and why she was delayed - worked on it all year, no real progress until July, when her adenoids were removed and tubes put in her ears, REMARKABLE progress since
Get an answer on Mikeal's medical stuff - Answered in January, as hypothyroidism, still working on getting it stabilized and getting him to take his medication on a daily basis.
Lose weight - failed miserably, stupid hormones

Goals that I have going into 2011:
Lose weight - buying a treadmill or elliptical machine as soon as I get my first stipend check, any day now
Continue to help my children be all that they can be - Mikaila is starting preschool so that she'll have interaction with other children who are not speech delayed and she will be getting speech therapy. Continue to work with Mikeal to get his medical condition under control so that his behavioral issues will come into better control.
Be supportive of my husband - help to find a program of study where he can get the rest of his ASE certifications and still be able to work.
Contribute to the family income - build up my product base to offer more items that persons would be inclined to want to purchase on a regular basis.
Organize my time better - buying a desk calendar so that I can write everything out where it would be easily seen on a daily basis, instead of my pocket planner that I keep losing.

That is all I can think of at this point...I reserve the right to modify, remove, and add to the list as I see fit throughout the year.

Enjoy and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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