Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm not terribly sure how to sum up 2010. Its been a year of growth in many ways.

I started off 2010 with plans of buying a small TINY house, in Oklahoma, that was on a well that couldn't keep up with the demands of a family, even a small family like mine...Doing massive repairs to the house, building a privacy fence, adding onto the house, moving to a large house, in Tennessee, that's on county water, relatively private, and outside of a few necessary cosmetic things not really in need of great repair.

The stark difference between living here and out in Oklahoma is so night and day it's not even comparable.

I'm finding myself very happy with my life. I am surrounded by friends and their families that make life feel like it's worth living again. I'm still battling some aspects of my depression, but the things that had me angry, bitter, and in a dark hole at the beginning of last year no longer bother me. Don't think that these things aren't still present....they are, they just no longer bother me like they used to.

I still have an array of drama queens in my life who think it is becoming for them to act like petty children, but now instead of being highly irritated by them and their bitterness towards myself and my family I find them amusing....their emails and random anonymous comments to my blog actually bring a smile to my face. I figure if my public posts bring some poor soul grief because my life is actually better than theirs then I'm obviously doing something right.

I started school back in March, shortly after moving here to Tennessee. Its a bit stressful at times, but every bit worth it. Mikaila will be starting pre-school next week, so in light of having nine 'free' hours a week I've decided to bump my school schedule up from part time to full time. After getting through Anatomy & Physiology during Thanksgiving & Christmas and passing it with an A, I'm fairly confident I can breeze through a full time schedule for the next few months at least.

I also started up a small homemade items shop in November...items vary from ornaments to jewelry to knitted scarves, socks, and hats...

Aspects of my health have improved. I can once again feel my left hand, my back no longer hurts like it did, and with Mikaila FINALLY sleeping through most nights sanity is starting to creep back into my horizon. Until I find out some information 'next' year...then some insanity might creep back in, just in time for the Fall....stay tuned over the next few weeks....

Mikeal has been doing great - still adjusting to remembering to take a medication on a daily basis - but school has been great. It is actually proving to be a challenge to his this year, which is reassuring to me because it means he's actually learning something and not sitting around bored all the time!

Brian did switch employers this year, but he's still in the same line of work and still supposedly in line for a management position. I know he's considered putting in an application to work at the Nissan plant on the other side of Nashville. I suppose we'll see what comes of that. He's currently in the middle of rebuilding our new truck, so far the work has come along beautifully. you can see the progress for yourself in previous posts...

I have so much I want to say about 2010! In short it started off a bit rough, but time, patience, hastily thought out decisions, and rollercoaster adventures things have ended up spectacularly. Its amazing just how many things can change in just a year. I read back through my posts from the last year and it's just weird to think how far things have come since...

So, as I bid ado to 2010 I am looking forward to 2011! This may actually prove to be a year in which I make real resolutions and goals for the coming year, instead of just vague intentions that sound good at the time.

OH...and I absolutely canNOT wait to get started on planning my garden and expanding it this year!!!! Not really in a hurry for spring to get here as I still have a lot of prep work to get done before then, but I'm so happy to get a full planting season in this year and can't wait to see what comes back up from last year! Can you believe it - I even had some lettuce pop back up late this fall...even though the snow and ice did cut its life short, it was exciting nonetheless!

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