Sunday, December 12, 2010


It doesn't mix well with ice.

Ice doesn't mix well with roads.

Icy roads do not mix well with vehicles.

Vehicles that are only rear wheel drive REALLY don't mix well with icy roads.

Brian got a new truck today.

It is a 1996 Extended Cab Chevy S-10. Rear wheel drive.

It rained yesterday.

Temps dropped below freezing overnight.

It started snowing this morning.

By this afternoon there was quite a bit of it.

We had to go across town to get his new truck and visit his sick father, who is in town, from out of state, to visit.

The truck almost made it home.

The first massive uphill stretch of the road tried to hinder the journey.

Brian lost traction, while almost to the top of the hill.

I was following behind him at a nice FAR distance.

I was halfway up this hill when he started sliding.

I had to stop.

Only to turn about 100° in the road, to block the entire road, perfectly.

Then more traffic came.


I eventually made it up the hill, after I got the car headed in the correct direction.

Drove with one tire in the ditch until I got to the intersection at the top of the hill.

Then had Mikeal go from riding with Brian to riding with me, since I was most likely to make it home...a cop and a Good Samaritan helped Brian get out of the ditch he wound up in at this point.

Poor Mikeal was in hysterics. He was so terribly upset that 1) the truck slid everywhere, 2) he saw my car, complete with his baby sister, (who was sleeping peacefully) sliding back down the hill sideways, and 3) we left Daddy there.

I finished the journey home.

Over the next 1.5 miles I had to maneuver around 7 vehicles that were either unable to move, sitting in the middle of the road or that had slid off into the ditches.

I also had 3 deer try to plow into me...first time I've actually seen living deer on this road, it's usually turkeys I have to dodge.

I finally make it to the crest of the hill that my driveway is on.

My driveway is on the downhill side of the hill, around a curve in the road....

I slid past the driveway.

I drove down another 1/4 mile and made a U-turn in the middle of the large intersection at the bottom of the hill.

I made it into the driveway without issue that go around.

Brian walked in the door about 10 minutes after we did.

He too slid past the driveway.

His new truck is sitting in the ditch, across the street from the driveway.

Fun times.

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