Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For the time being... nephews are going to be living in a therapeutic foster home. It was not a decision made lightly, and has taken several months to reach this conclusion. I cannot keep putting my 5 month old in danger, just because I am too stubborn to admit that they need more attention and help than I'm able to offer. They think its normal and fine to treat a baby like a rag doll. One of them had kneed her in the head while they were being watched by someone else while we were at a class. Another time while I was in the bathroom for a quick piss I came back to find her with the blanket wrapped around her head. Other times I can be sitting right here and they will try knocking her bouncy chair over just walking by her. These boys are not right, and I have not had the proper training yet on how to handle such behavior. We will be continuing the classes and hope that after we have finished with the classes and the boys have had some time to be adjusted to having a schedule to their days and constructive discipline, without putting my biological children at risk. We will still be having an active part in both their lives and will be active in the decisions made on their behalf. There is a lot more involved than just simply stating that we think something else needs to be done about their living arrangements. There are a number of case workers, lawyers, a judge, teachers, counselors and numerous family members all involved with every one of these decisions. I was able to speak to the new foster mother today and she works at the counseling center and has a great deal of experience with such cases. I have no doubt we made the right decision, regardless of how utterly disheartening it is to make. Brian and I will be continuing the classes as well as will be getting more education on how to both deal with and address such problems in the future and will be looking forward to the day that we are able to take care of them in the way that benefits them the most!

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