Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Full Panic

So I was on my way home from my mom's earlier (about a 10 mile trip) and this truck comes out of nowhere seriously tailgating me. It was a little after 9pm, so it is pitch black, but this dude was riding on my ass! I couldn't even see his headlights most of the time. I didn't even really pay that much attention while going through town otherwise I would of likely just pulled into the police station parking lot where I saw the town's fav cop just pulling it...anyways, I go through the next stop sign where the jerk is still on my tail, make my left hand turn, then an almost immediate right...dude is still rightonmyass! I'm mildly starting to freak out at this time, both Mikeal and Mikaila were in the van with me and Brian was still another 7 miles down the road, at home. In the past I would of brushed this off to being just a random drunk riding my ass, but with the things going on with my nephews, and the fact that my ex-husband called my mom the other day ((he's supposed to be getting out of prison soon if he hasn't already)) I've been kinda on edge. We are now on the highway 65 mph...dude is still rightonmyass, still can't see his headlights very often is how close he is. He is in a Ford dually quad cab pick-up, by no means a small vehicle, and he won't back off, I tried flashing my brakes, speeding up, slowing down. Its pitch black, bad cell reception, with my two small children in the van with me. I try calling 911, but because of the bad reception I have problems getting the info across then I hit dead cell service area. About another 2 miles down the road there is a passing zone and he does go around me, and then is GONE, I tried keeping up just enough to get a look at his tags but couldn't even get close enough to even know what state they were out of, as I live on the border of 3 states. I was majorly freaked out!

Brian comforted me by assuring me that I was home and was safe and that if it was someone trying to harass me than they'd have to go through him. Mikeal was such a great kid...he was wanting a snack--hotdogs--and I hadn't had dinner, so I threw some for both of us in the microwave. Mikaila started screaming for a bottle to go to bed on, so I started tending to her, she's not the patient sort...anyways, while I was trying to get all that taken care of and Brian was occupied the hotdogs finished in the microwave...This is the best part...Mikeal not only got them out, put his on bread with ketchup, but also did mine too, brought them to me and was just so sweet about the whole thing. I was still shaking from the incident that happened on our way home....hell I'm still slightly shaking and tis been 3 hours! It just un-nerved me so badly, had a deer decided to be in the road or someone's cow been in the middle of the road like they are occasionally...we'd all be toast, that truck could of never of stopped in time...and ugh!! Drivers just really annoy me!!

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