Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Since someone seems to think that every blog I make that doesn't include someone's name is about her, I'm going to clarify what it was I was refering to yesterday.

A dear friend of mine has been having some marital problems lately, his wife has been cheating on him, while basically taking away all of his privacy and rights to anything. She's playing the card that since she's cheating on him he must be cheating on her, and so is playing the victim in all of this. I was really annoyed to find out yesterday that she went so far as to delete his myspace behind his back, and later upon him finding out she deleted her own and said there was some sort of virus that killed their myspaces, and therefore she took it upon herself to make a new joint site for the two of them. Most of his family can't stand her and find her to be a bit too intrusive anyways, I just think she's skanky just by what I know of her, but I've never personally met her but twice, on formal occassions -- their wedding and their 5th anniversary. So I honestly can't say much about her. I have known him since I was in junior high, through the church we'd both been going to. He's never been on my myspace because of her, I honestly did not know if he had one or not, we coorespond by occassional emails and by the occassional run in while I'm in town. I was a bit bothered by it and it did upset me to see him so upset over it, and therefore I did blog about it. Brian's SIL had to go and take offense at it adn think it to be about her.

Granted not long ago both her account and her husband's account were both deleted, and a new joint account was established. I just assumed that since she was no longer on my friend's list and was no longer able to see my blogs that I keep private that she wanted to have that privledge again without it seeming that way. My BIL was still on my friend's list and was still able to see my blogs. But for her to take offense at something I blog about AGAIN with it having ZERO to do with her, it makes me wonder if maybe she's not a little more guilty of all these things anyways. Its just ridiculous. I should be free to blog whatever I'd like when it respects someone's privacy without having to worry about having my name drug through the mud over things someone knows nothing about! Its just very childish, but I'm going to assume that someone that has a great number of children with a great number of men doesn't know how to be an adult.

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