Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What else is bugging me!

I get realy annoyed at women that think they have to have the last say, only say, first say, about anything and everything involved with their husband, BUT go ape shit over him directing one idiom of their life!

I know someone that took and deleted not only her myspace but also her husband's and claimed to him that she went to log in and they were both just gone *poof* kinda funny that no one else suffered from this problem, and the fact that it takes an act of your own to delete the account. You have to manually approve the deletion from your mail account. How bloody immature I find it to be for a woman who is "nothing but honest" to feign ignorance of how her husband's account was deleted, and then he to believe her! Come on!

Are you seriously that insecure that he can't even have his own site. Hell you do have all his passwords and log-ins anyways, but now you yave to turn his "myspace" into an "ourspace". I see nothing wrong with having a joint account, but Christ! somewhere a line has to be drawn! You have yours, he have his, the two of you have a joint account, its not like he gets that much time to be on there anyways, your fat lazy ass is always sitting there at the computer anyways, regardless of him being on it or not, he can't have a truely private conversation, online, on the phone, hell I'd be suprised if you let him talk to himself without eavesdropping! Knock it off already and GROW UP!

Ok, this one is over for now.

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