Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Piece to you Idiotic Americans!

Now, before anyone gets bent out of shape, this is what I see, my opinions, I love living here, and in no way am I bashing this country. This is a soap box explaining the hypocrisies and idiocracies that I have observed. You're welcome to disagree with me, but I am letting you know now I am only expressing my freedom of speech and my entitlement to be a free willed, free thinking bodied person as God designed me. giggle1.gif

Gas is just ridiculous and the idiots in charge think that we the commoners can adjust at the drop of the dimes we now search our cars for to pay for gas. Yes, I realize that other countries have been paying WAY more for for a great number of years, but those same countries also have free medical and such provided by the government, so we not only have to pay out the ass for gas, but we also pay out the ass in order for most of us to function on a day to day basis and stay alive. Most idiots also don't take to stock the fact that most other countries that are paying such for gas are no bigger than most states here and have intricate public transportation access for most of their commuters. Not to be taken for granted as well that the US was founded by a lot of angry, lazy, prudes that came here in search of something better than they had elsewhere but no real plan once they got here, Americans from day one have always relied on someone else to fill their needs and wants, and when they got what they needed they said "fuck you" and killed them off whether by war, disease, or genocide. The very things that started this country have never really changed, we as Americans have only changed our styles of doing things and if we're doing it its called democratic order, but someone else does it its called terrorism or something equally degrading. It doesn't matter what Americans have called it over the years, its all the same. Originally the prudes came here to escape the slavery they felt to a church, so in turn they enslaved "savages" -- people that didn't believe what they believed, didn't think the way they thought, and didn't speak the language they spoke. Its always been that way. Eventually as the prudes became more populated they sought out to be greedy and wanted this land for themselves, instead of sharing the land, they took it, forced millions of people from the lands they knew and forced them to adopt a whole new culture, a vile one to the majority. A few years go by and thats not enough, they want to also own people. It goes on and on, anyone remotely familiar with history knows all this. What the prudes did then is NO DIFFERENT than what they are doing now. They're greedy, manipulative, and can't stand for someone to have a different opinion than what they believe is right. Thats all it boils down to, the only reason the government is in Iraq is because they have something we want, not to establish democracy or peace. Its not going to matter how many of our children, brothers, sisters, parents die on foreign lands they are still going to have civil unrest and wars. Americans cannot take care of the unrest and violence and poverty in their own homes, why the fuck does one honestly think that Americans will be able to make a difference somewhere that they're not wanted!

Seriously! If your marriage counselor is having marital problems, do you really think they'd be able to help you with your problems? They can't help themselves?! If your shrink is a pill head and insists on them to get by on a day to day basis do you honestly think they can help you to cope? If your lawyer can't work out a peaceable agreement amongst his partners do you honestly think he can help you? You don't ask a mom that has out of control brats how to make yours behave, its just ridiculous!

Ok, I've said my piece!

Now, if you happen to not be one of those idiotic Americans I addressed this to, please feel free to add what ever you'd like

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