Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Month Just got Busier....

It would appear that Brian has found a house to BUY. The asking price is about 1/4 of the price of this house, it has one more bedroom than this place have, and an extra FULL bath. The square footage is about double of this place, although the yard is likely about half of what we have now. But it gets better.

The master bath has a 4 person jacuzzi garden tub, separate shower stall, two sinks - one for Brian to have his nasty facial and head fuzz in and then my own clean sink - :giggle: ;) (He's standing over my shoulder.) It also has a walk-in closet so that he can hang all his 500 shirts in, and just as many pairs of pants in that he can't wear anymore because they're all about 10 sizes too BIG - bastard :giggle: - . The master bedroom is about the size of our current living room AND dining room AND kitchen. ...Our current "master bedroom" has enough room to put our queen size bed in it and a dresser, with just enough room to walk around the two - you have to move the bed to close the door, and no door on the closet because you wouldn't be able to open it even if there was one. :roll:

The kitchen is HUGE - it also comes with a dishwasher, island, and a 6ft (or so) bay window at the end. :cool: Oh, and they JUST put in brand new laminate hardwood floors in there.

For another $500 they'll leave the washer and dryer in there - the house has city utilities, so no more of this going to go do laundry at my mom's house when I run out of clothes :yahoo: because our private well can't keep up with a washer - or much of anything really. :roll:

Between the other two bedrooms is another full bath, both bedrooms have full size closets, there's a linen closet in that hall, as well as the washer and dryer hook-ups.

It has a full covered porch out front and a nice sized deck out back. There's also a shed in the back for storage.

I haven't gotten to go look at it, Brian's taking me on Monday to go look at it before he goes into work - the wife that owns it wants a bit of time to get it cleaned up - they have two young kids - so we know how that can go. ;)

They're basically just wanting to get out from under the house as he's found work in another town and they're having to sell quickly. Asking price you wonder? If we have them leave the washer and dryer ...which I'm planning on doing as I've given away the washer that goes with my dryer...the TOTAL asking price is : :shock: :shock: :shock: $9,500.00 Yes, Nine thousand five hundred dollars - TOTAL. :shock: :shock:

Yea, so it looks like I get to add to this month's "to-do list" getting a bank loan, closing, etc etc etc then packing, etc etc etc and then moving sometime next month.

OH ! Other bonuses that come with buying this house - its only .9 miles (that's POINT 9 miles, as in less than one mile) from where Brian works, instead of the 30 he drives now, one way. It's about 2.5 miles from the Super Wal-Mart - the one I have to drive to do any "real" shopping. And there are things to do all over the place - water park, actual city park, instead of the elementary school playground, tons of different little shops, the dance studio & gymnastics stadium is there, there's a gym right down the road, :blah:

I'm a bit excited. Hoping that its as grand as he's making it out to be, the works....for now I'm not going to tell him yes. And he's being a pain by standing over my shoulder. :lol: Brian : yes i did.. :D .....Me : stand over her shoulder is the "yes I did" rest of the sentence...

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