Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Note To Self/Adoring Public ..LOL

Health Care and my personal take of what the CEO of Whole Foods had brought up the other day, that was broadcast on the evening news....I have a bit of research to do first, plus a house to attempt to buy in the morning, and it's way after my bedtime at this time, but I do feel the guy hit the nail squarely on the head. I wanted to add in my personal experience with this particular "pricing" of doctors, and shopping around, in contrast with "insurance" costs.

The cusp of my personal experience :

My personal care provider charges me, a cash paying patient, with no insurance, a whole $55-70 per visit to see him, $25-55 to see his NP. Now, if I had insurance I have a guaranteed minimum co-pay of around $20-40 per visit...but here's the Dr who only charges me, a cash patient, $55 for a visit, will charge the insurance company a MINIMUM of $150 for the exact same visit. And we wonder why I don't pay for insurance? Over the course of a year I pay roughly 75% LESS for my medical care than I would JUST paying for the insurance. I'll expand on this at another time.

Thank you Heather for reminding me, however unintentionally.

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