Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy Month

Oh Boy!

My calender of events for this month is starting to look like a bunch of chickens have been marking all over it -

First I write down what bills are due by which paycheck - being sure to write down not just the amount, but also what. This takes up roughly two days of the month, covered in chicken scratches.

Then I jot in known events - such as this month we have Mikeal's 7th birthday on the 26th. School also starts on the 12th - another two days filled in.

Because Mikeal's birthday and school starting are both in the same month this allows me the opportunity to go over with his doctor for both his well-check up and any concerns that might of come up over the summer to be looked into before school starts. Then there's his yearly eye exam and a dentist appointment, if I can find a dentist in the area that even has an opening before Christmas that also accepts the insurance that he has....I really don't like driving two hours one way to take him to the dentist for a 10 minute look over and he send us back on our way, two hours back home - ugh. This doesn't stop me, but it sure doesn't make the drive pleasant, and it never seems to work out that they can see both the kids on the same day and myself.

Then there's a couple of court related appointments.

One day for child support, which coincides with the same day that Mikeal's eye doctor had an opening this month... A pre-hearing appointment with my child support case worker to go over the final details of what we're hoping to be able to accomplish at this hearing. (Namely have the bastard put back in jail)

Then there's the re-certification for the kids' insurance - had to be rescheduled for later in the month instead of tomorrow because someone hasn't put his pay stubs where they are supposed to go each pay period - either into my hand or the filing cabinet...

Then of course there are those notes I have to write to myself to know what's going on in Brian's life so that I don't get bent out of shape because 6 months ago he told me that he was going to be doing XYZ on this day - or even yesterday he made brief mention about having to do something, so that his action this morning of just leaving out the door without an explanation or "Love ya hun, I'm going *here* be back around *this time*" is completely my fault that I don't know what's going on, therefore get upset that as I'm waking up, the phone rings, they ask for him, he talks for a minute, next thing I know he's gone. - Yea, great way to calm your already insecure wife's insecurities -

Then there are the activities going on in the community that I try to involve my kids in....of course my husband always has to work those days, so is unable to join us for anything, doesn't matter that I asked him a year ago to request off this day - then gave regular reminders to make sure he was going to be off this day - Guess what, he's not marked on the calender at work to be off this day, so he has to work.

Then there are my scheduled volunteer days that I must mark so that I don't lose track of where and when I'm supposed to be different places.

And because I write all these notes on my calender I'm some sort of OCD control freak ...

I blame it on the fact if I don't mark it ASAP I may forget, thus creating another fight over my ignorance of things both going on, that have gone on, or that are going on in the future, because we all know the man is right and knows everything, because he can remember exactly how many times I've said a certain phrase in the 5 years we've been together.

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