Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reminder to Self...or You, my Adoring Audience.


I must remember to find some time to blog about :

**A charming "friend" who informed me that her daughter is a cheerleader, therefore she doesn't have to study...this was mentioned while I was letting Mikeal know about the new rules starting on Monday - that he's to write his spelling words 5 times each night and the definition on Mondays. Now I know Mikeal can spell these words without a single issue...his handwriting though needs just a little bit of improvement, IMO, and it'll do him well to start learning how to use a dictionary and the different meanings of the words....but anyways, whole rant about the "cheerleader" mentality of things, especially around these parts....

**"Best" Friends, of the opposite sex, while you're married...

**Ex-Husband and why he's the ex, in addition to the reasons why I'd rather he rot in jail than actually pay a dime of child support.

**Small rant about infomercials selling some product that's supposed to boost your vocabulary & grammar skills, as the folks in the commercial stutter and stammer over their practiced lines.

**I must also remember to keep a better account of the drama that is consistent with my neighbors. ...especially since I haven't picked a single tomato in over a week, where I was getting 5-10 a DAY off my plants, I can go check for tomatoes, have a few just almost ready, and the next day there are none.

**Also included with the update on the neighbor drama - the 16y/o now has a car, is getting ready to get his license...I don't even want to think about it...Its not a license to have "fun" ...its a license to operate a lethal weapon,. trust me I know, I know more people to of died from a car wreck than have died from any other reason, combined...that includes my 77 year old grandma who was making a left hand turn into church when an idiot jerk in a hurry decided to pass her, on the left, going over 60mph.

**Another bit about the first week of school...drama drama...

**Also I must update you about everything that went on this month in regards to attempting to buy that house, everything else that went on, and plans for this upcoming month.

This blog entry is a public service announcement to those of you who read my blog and might wonder what's up with me not posting anything, or the post being quick adn to the point, with a bit of vagueness to them....quite simply, I've been sucked into Facecrack busy or been avoiding trying to think too much on such things hence the getting sucked into Facecrack.

So that's that. Not sure when I'll get to it...Sunday I have to go get laundry done, will be at my mom's for a decent chunk of the day doing that. Monday I'm going to be talking to a guy about buying one of his houses off of him and what we're able to work out with'll qualify better than the other one, pricier, but also BRAND NEW, never lived in, and bigger!...and still affordable to us, but also comes with a touch of land and is in the same school district Mikeal is in currently, so I don't have to deal with switching schools if we do get this place. Tuesday I have grandiose plans of getting my bedroom redone...well arranged differently well as grocery shopping - Brian's off work, so I should be able to go all by myself - WOOT!

I'll shoot for Wednesday to get started on something of this list. LOL Just don't hold your breath.

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