Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Area

What can I say? It's gorgeous, perfect, just awesome! Immediately around me there are a few houses, but none right on top of me, the view from my front door is of a field, with a few houses on the other side of the field, the view from the back, just of fields. Off to each side there are some trailer houses, but unlike the trailer houses I'm used to seeing these are well kept, the yards are riddled with garbage or junk vehicles...In fact I have yet to see a single place in this area that reminds me of the general scenery around Oklahoma! There are real fact I have yet to see an area that is remotely flat. As previously mentioned nearly every house is on the side of a hill, making a basement almost mandated for building a house, which would be ideal in an area such as flat Oklahoma, where tornadoes are a year round occurrences.
Mikeal's school is only 10 years old and is beautiful! Although there is quite a high number of students there it makes picking him up after school quite the chore! The waiting line is a few blocks long, at least, the school also sits at the top of the hill, so the waiting line "waves" down one hill, up the next where the school sits and there's another road that wraps down the hill the other direction. In class he has recently been doing worksheets on “Learning Chinese”, basically just some worksheets that give him the symbols for different numbers or words and he has to draw those symbols into the proper mathematical equation or sentence. I thought it was pretty cool.

But the greatest part is where we live where it looks like the "middle of nowhere" it's only a 10 minute drive into town. A town where there's a Big Lots, multiple grocery stores, a huge Wal-Mart, outlet stores, a Lowe's, Aldi's, various restaurants & fast food - choices that don't just limit you to McDonalds or Sonic, Pizza Hut, Mexican, or the lone Chinese place - you name it, it's just right down the road, it's not a whole day trip to go shopping for something other than what you'd find at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store, even a big mall isn't that far, only a 30 minute or so drive down the road to Nashville! I'm so stoked! It's all the privacy one would want in the "middle of nowhere" but all the conveniences of living in the city.

The convenience rivals when we lived in Austin! Plus there is an abundance of flea markets, thrift stores, second hand places, you name it. I absolutely love it here!

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