Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Nearly Peed Myself

A gal that I converse with on a regular basis shared a blog with me..well she shared it with a group of us, but I digress. It's just random phrases...all typed down by a young wife. The thing that makes it so great is she has a tape recorder going over night to record the out loud musing of her new husband....while he's asleep....so that she can share it with the world. Just kinda hoping Brian doesn't get any wild ideas...I'm not sure I want to know *everything* I say in my sleep.

I laughed like a banshee! The kids thought I'd lost my mind, but if they don't know I did that a long time ago, they're in for some eye opening when they do realize it....although I do believe Mikeal is starting to notice, a LOT,OFTEN; Mikaila still thinks it's just mommy being silly, so it's a lot of great fun! Hey! What two year old wouldn't love having a mommy that runs through the house after her while screaming and laughing hysterically...and sometimes I do it because I'm playing with her.

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