Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The House

Yes, it's been a while. As previously mentioned we moved to Tennessee from Oklahoma. The packing and drive out was quite uneventful, minus the court hearing that held us up, as outlined in my previous post. The getting unpacked and moved into our place was quite fun though. We ended up spending a week with our new landlords, which was great, I was a bit unnerved from the stress of everything, feeding off of the stress Brian was feeling, and just plain exhaustion. I felt completely out of my element and a bit overwhelmed, but I'm settling in now, learning my way around, and getting everything situated.

I LOVE the house! It's perfect for us! Lots and lots of space, nearly 2500 sq ft, three official bedrooms, with another bedroom type area in the basement and plenty of room to make other areas of the house into bedroom quality.

It spreads across three levels, a basement that has its own bathroom, a bedroom, laundry room, two large closets, two storage rooms, a work bench, and enough space left over where one would be able to park one, if not two vehicles in there....seriously, the basement alone is bigger than the house we just moved out of.

Going up the basement stairs you'll enter into the kitchen, right at the top of the stairs is the backdoor that goes out onto the upper level of the two level decks. See this house, like most houses in this area, sits on the side of a hill, where the basement could be used as a garage if one chose to use it as such. It's not your traditional basement/house set up, there's a door and windows alone two sides of the basement, the other two sides are "underground", thus the front door of the house is basically ground level, but the back door is a whole level above the ground.

Ok, back to the specifications of the house interior. Walking into the kitchen you're in the midst of a window wrapped eat in area where a small breakfast table would be the perfect place to sit and watch the sunrise while drinking coffee first thing in the morning, but also a gorgeous place to sit while watching the sunset in the evening while enjoying a yummy dessert after dinner. Currently it serves as the dog & cat's dining area, my food pantry cabinet space, and the trashcan area...maybe one of these days I'll get a table to put in there, but for now it serves its purpose well. In this kitchen I have about twice as many cupboards as I did in the old place, it's great, room to put everything, although the more I think about it I may move my new hutch into the eat-in dining area and put all my kitchen appliances on that to free up countertop space, I just haven't been here long enough to get it all figured out yet. I doubly love the two huge windows that are above the sink. The view just overlooks a field and some trees, but I can also see the whole backyard & lower driveway area as well as have a great chance to watch the sunset as I do dishes or cook dinner.

From the kitchen you walk into the actual dining room. I have a beautiful white with a butcher block top table with two benches and two chairs dining room table. I also have my computer desk/office area in there. The litter box does sit in there, but I have it hidden with my dressing screen, so unless you look behind the screen you won't see it. There's also a huge window that basically stretches from floor to ceiling and wall to wall in there, it's currently covered by a vertical blinds that I may end up changing out for some white lacy curtains.

From the dining room you can go up the stairs to the third level. Up there is a spacious landing area and room type area where we have the kids' TV & shared toys for the playroom. Mikeal's bedroom is also up there, just past the playroom. There's a long closet that the kids love to run through back and forth chasing each other. Mikeal's room is the biggest bedroom of the house and because I haven't taken the time nor really had the time with him it still looks quite bare! Hopefully this weekend I'm able to take him to get his own room decorations and curtains.
Mikaila also has her own room that is just down the hall from Brian & my bedroom, with a large bathroom between the two rooms on the main floor. Her going to bed has not been half the battle it has been in the past now! I'll lay her down after her nightly bedtime routine and sometimes she'll fuss around for a bit, other nights she'll settle right in and go to sleep. SUCH a blessing there, I actually get some wind down time in the evenings to get the kitchen cleaned up after dinner, watch an entire show, and just hang out with Brian.

In mine & Brian's bedroom there are two sections to the closet, one for him, one for me, so my clothes are no longer getting lost behind his and his shoes aren't being swamped by my own, there's also adequet room to walk around three sides of the bed, use the dresser, and open/close the door without having to move the bed at least a foot any direction to access everything! Space for a clothing hamper, you name it. Its not as big as the bedroom upstairs but it's a comfortable space!

Then there's the HUGE living room...well, at least huge in comparison to the one we just left. We have a large red brick fireplace with built in shelves on both sides, we have three bookshelves along the one wall, with plenty of space for more if we wanted. Three huge windows across the front where we have a gorgeous view of the sunrise & moonrise! We have room in here for REAL furniture. We have a full size matching couch & loveseat, a huge oversized chair, and a leather recliner in here, not to mention a coffee table and matching end tables! And because of all the space in the rest of the house the living room no longer HAS to double as a playroom, my bookshelves can actually store, of all things, BOOKS, instead of being loaded down with toys, and the like. We also still have room to spare in the living room...which right now just serves as a storage area of sorts (basically just a space where I have things put because I haven't figured out a place for the rest of the stuff in here).

The front door opens up to the large front upper level of the deck. For now I just have my old metal/glass dining room table out there, but do plan on getting some chairs to go with the table and some greenery to make it more comfortable out there and just more homey feeling.
I do love the house, and at some point in time I do plan on sharing pictures of both the old place and the new place for comparison, but alas, there is a drawback to living here. Yes, there was bound to be one. See, this house sits quite a bit off the main routes, where the road is paved, but internet access is lacking in possibilities....hence the reason for my sparse appearance online. I've been waiting for the last week for the technician to come out and connect my second phone line...yes, I have access via dial-up, nothing else is available in this area, but after calling to confirm when someone would be coming out to hook-up my internet line I found out that the order had been inadvertently cancelled, so here I've been waiting for a week and there wasn't even an order for the line to be installed...grrrr...hopefully tomorrow when I call back there will have been some progress made towards my phone line being connected and I'm praying I'm able to get online before the start of the weekend.

I also have some sad news to desktop computer fried somehow on the drive out here, it's not wanting to boot up, even after I took it apart, cleaned it, checked the connections, etc, the fans will come on, but the BIOS is not doing it's'd appear that my motherboard short circuited somehow, so thankfully we did get Brian a laptop that I'm able to take with me and post here and there from a hotspot, or while hanging out at the landlord's place, but all my pictures, music, videos, notes, you name it, are all on the other hard drive, and I don't have the money currently to either buy a new motherboard or an external hard drive reader....

So that concludes this entry


  1. Your place looks awesome! Sounds like my pretty house hehehe Love the pics you sent me. Can't wait to see more! Glad this move has been good for you all.

  2. Oh yah....and now you are close enough we can hang out! WooT! 8)