Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Entrance Exam

I had to take my entrance exam today to get into the school I applied for. I didn't quite study as I've only had about 3 SUPER busy days to prepare for it, then woke up with a nasty sinus issue thing going on this morning, and not much sleep, so I wasn't expecting a lot out of today, but was confident.

I am proud to say that I passed! With FLYING colors!

The minimum scores I could get without having to retake the tests are:
Arithmetic - 36
Reading - 54
Sentence Skills - 60

I ended up with a :
Arithmetic - 107
Reading - 103
Sentence Skills - 94

In the words of Mikaila: "Yippee, woohoo!" With a little happy dance to go with it!

Now just to wait on the Admissions guy to get in the office and give me a call with what to do next!!!

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