Monday, April 2, 2012


I still have strawberry plants from two years ago, plus some others I've added to the bed since and it looks like most in the 3'x6' raised bed are well on their way to producing fruits - YAY! long as creatures like these stay out of them...
This is my newest garden-to-be spot.  The side of a mound next to the house that's impossible to mow & annoying to use the weed trimmer on.
My plan is to get it trimmed as close to the ground as possible, then cover it with weed/grass killing plastic then dig/cut out areas for my plants (mainly tomato & peppers) and then cover the plastic with either rocks or mulch to keep it in place...a Rock garden for veggies maybe?

I was really shocked by some of the things I found while trimming in this area...and SOOOO thankful that I decided to wear my boots & jeans instead of my normal shorts & sandals...The trimmer hit an especially thick area and out slung a rat snake...spewing it's gutsy juices EVERYwhere...then the trimmer ran out of string...but I did succeed in killing the super scary grass monster!  ((I spared you (and I) pictures of it....))  But I did include a pic of my awesome work boots that I just LOVE!

 I'll share the rest of my garden areas tomorrow....or the next depends on the rain.

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