Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing Miss Zoey Frances

My newest niece addition is here!  Isn't she precious?

My newest niece's momma is my new labor hero!  Today was her due date, but she started having semi-regular contractions on Good Friday...went to the hospital on Sunday, then sent home because the contractions backed off after she was given some Nubain for pain.  They continued, got bad again, went back to the hospital on Monday, same story.  On Wednesday the contractions were fierce & 2min apart for over an went back to the hospital & that time the hospital decided they'd keep her.  Thursday morning she wasn't making much progress so they started pitocin...Thursday evening the doc came in saw no progress since that morning, so broke her water.  6hrs later Miss Zoey arrived...with no other drugs.

Yes...nearly 7 days of labor contractions, no drugs, and Miss Zoey came into this world weighing 8pounds 1 ounce and just shy of 20 inches long.  (Momma did have to get two internal stitches)...

I'm told my brother is handling it well, but is quite the helicopter.  I really don't blame him though.  His first love had one, possibly two kids with him before she ran off with some other man, leaving no forwarding information.  Then last year his wife ran off when she was 6 months pregnant after the state told her they would be taking the new baby from her upon her birth after they terminated her rights to her oldest that she'd lost custody of before she & my brother met - she kept up the drugs & stripper lifestyle; even was part of a big prostitution ring at the 'massage' parlour she was working at as a 'receptionist' around the time she found out she was pregnant...and Daniel has only heard that she filed for a birth certificate - outside of that no one knows anything.  He's been with this new gal since not long after that all happened & things seem to be well enough.  At least I've never heard my mom say anything bad about Zoey's momma and they've been living at my mom's house for a while, so that's definitely something - my mom has something bad to say about everyone.

I really hope it works out for all of them this time & that their local economy straightens up so that everyone can get back to work on a regular/full time basis.  And I'm so thankful that he finally found a gal that the paternity of his child isn't in question & seems to actually have a head on her shoulders.

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