Sunday, December 6, 2009

They caught up with him.

The ex-husband is back in the Delaware County basement...aka jail. Not just any ol' decent jail. This is the county jail. I've been in there, long time ago, for a night or two... It's damp, concrete & cold steel, in the basement of the county courthouse. The HIGH temp for the last week...and the weeks to come...during the sunny parts of the day *might* be reaching 40*. SO that means that either the jailers will keep the heat way up in there...dry nasty heat...OR they won't and the poor pitiful inmates will be cold, they're allowed one thin puny blanket, and county issue orange scrub looking things, and their own socks/underwear or other approved items, if anyone brings them some above what they wore on their way in.

I neglected to mention that his mother would also go on and on about how they've all cut him off because he's a dope fiend that keeps mooching, stealing, etc from them, and supposedly no one has anything more to do with him. Also that he's supposedly overdosed about 4 times in the last 6 months or so because he's so confused and depressed over owing all this child support. At current count he's some $13,000+ behind, which isn't all that bad when you compare it to many other people out there, hell he only has to pay $250 a month to be current, he's only made almost $600 in payments since March of 2006, when he was first ordered to start paying it.

So, he's in the Delaware County Jail. In order for him to get out he has to come up with $9,304.00 CASH for failure to pay child support. $1,495.12 CASH for bogus check charges, $10,000 for bail jumping, but that's bondable, AND a $10,000 bond for omitting to provide for a minor child. Which translates to roughly $15,000 CASH someone would have to come up with for him to be able to get out...that is unless he cons his way before the judge and she releases him on his "word" that he's going to pay. That $9,304 goes to me. I sure could use it!

There's a court date set for Tuesday at 9:30am and another one on Wednesday, again at 9:30am. IF I have another good opportunity I'll post more after then about this.

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