Thursday, December 17, 2009

Court Hearing 12-16

The one this afternoon was for the modification of child support. They increased the required payment from $159 a month to $223 a month...I then inquired about Mikeal getting his Indian enrollment card, seeing as his sperm donor is Creek...and the sperm donor (aka SOB) gave some sort of sob story about his is too worn, but his MOMMY has copies of word on whether or not he'd have her send a copy. THEN the SOB proceeded to tell the judge that because Mikeal was born in Indiana that he shouldn't be able to get an ID if WHERE you're born makes a difference on WHO you're descended from...

The judge asked me if there was anything else I wanted to see done about this whole case and I simply just told her that as far as I'm concerned he can either sit where he's at until he rots or until what he owes is paid off. :D

SOB then tried to give the judge some sob story about ME not letting him have his visits with Mikeal...supposedly every other Saturday...Truth be told on that matter, as per the divorce & custody decree, he's allowed ONE two hour, court SUPERVISED visit, per month, on the 2nd Saturday of the month & HE is to arrange all of that with the court officials that'd be supervising the visitations. Any modification on that can ONLY come AFTER he's gone to the divorce counseling seminars that I had to go to.......

BUT because his lawyer wasn't there this afternoon this is to be continued until 1pm tomorrow afternoon, again preceded by a different hearing at 9:30am on his criminal charges - bail jumping, hot checks, & the like....

I was told I didn't have to show for the hearing tomorrow, BUT I'm planning on going because this is something that concerns Mikeal & I'd rather know firsthand than try to get information from someone later...I also plan on going so that if he's to bring up some sort of matter that would require my input or my presence I can be there in person and not have to be summoned to court at some later date. :roll:

I also kinda get a bit of a kick out of seeing that loathing look on his face and dirty looks aimed at me...after all he's the one in the orange jump suit and I'm not...and I also kinda really enjoy watching him make a fool of himself before the judge. He made my life a living HELL for the almost not quite 2 years I was with him, this is my personal payback, of sorts. :biggrin:

They based the payment amount on the minimum state requirements. Minimum wage has gone up QUITE a bit since child support was first ordered in 2006, hence the hike in his required minimum payment.

:huh: Makes not much difference to me, just because the state says he SHOULD pay whatever doesn't mean he will, and it's not quite like he was paying it all this time & suddenly stopped & I'd been relying on the payments each month, I've only gotten not quite $800 since I left him in 2003, so whatever. I NEEDED the money back then. Now it'd be a VERY nice cushion & we could do a few more things quicker, but I can't quite miss what I never had.

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