Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was a good year.

Our marriage is still going strong, we had a few rough spots, but when we both cooled off enough to be able to look objectively at both sides we've come across that bridge better than least where my opinion is concerned.

Our children are also doing great. Mikeal has stayed on the honor roll and is in some classes that are more advanced than just 2nd grade. He also started wrestling a few months ago and is doing great with it! Mikaila is growing everyday it seems. Since figuring out a few things about her life has been MUCH more peaceful, everyone is sleeping like they're supposed to, overall it's just a much better home life.

We've made great strides in buying this house, I believe within the next month or two the actual title deed will be switching over into our name, and from there we'll continue with the payments we're making. We'll of been here for 2 years this coming April 1st. Now, where this house isn't perfect and does need some work & expansion done to it, I love it! It's going to offer & afford me the ability to use the skills I've learned during my life to make my children's home that much better, also while teaching them some handy skills in the process. Our only real complaint is the location - and not even so much the location as the proximity of the neighbors right next to us, they're some of the most vile persons I've ever had to deal with and I have nothing nice to say about them.

All and all I feel it's been a good year. We've learned several things, our standard of living has improved, and I have great feelings about the coming year. :)

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