Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update about Mikaila's Therapy Progress!

Because I really have nothing better to do than try to hold her and receive several more bruises, I might as well...(1:30am, when I started this post)

Her vocabulary is starting to "explode" in recent weeks, mainly due to the fact we have been able to figure out that if the words come with some sort of ACTION she's more willing to say them, so we're adding in a little bit of pseudo sign language into her verbal language.

*Making a circle with both her hands, like she's holding a cup, is for drink & she says "dink"
*Clasping both her hands together, looking like she's begging with big ol' puppy dog pleading eyes is for please (Brian taught her this one) - she does repeatedly say "peassssss"...and really with that set-up it's HARD to resist
*She's counting to 3 now, usually starting at 2, after you say that goes "(me: One) her: tew, tree, WEEEEEEEEEEEEE followed by some death defying stunt. :uhuh: :doh:
*ANY time she even remotely bumps into ANYthing she will say "owie", make a bit of a fuss, get a kiss, & all is well again...this mainly started after she tried to stir dinner without my assistance - I had turned off the burner, before running to go to the bathroom, but the pan was hot & she grabbed it and the spoon to try to stir it. BUT now, FINALLY everytime I have the stove or oven on she puts her hand just close enough to test the heat, then will say "haw,(hot) NO, owie"
*She crosses her arms across her chest for Thank you, while saying "tanks" UNLESS her hands are full with whatever it is she'd been wanting, then she'll just nod and say "tanks"
*She follows me around, or when I'm getting onto her she shakes her finger at me and tells me "NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO" :doh:
*When she eats something she likes she'll let you know it's "g d tuff" (good stuff without the oo)
*Anything empty is referred to as "aw gon" (all gone) complete with a twisting of her wrists & she'll take the empty dish to the sink & trash to the trash if I could only get the guys trained to do this ;) :doh: :giggle:
*and she'll "shhhh" someone, complete with a finger over her mouth if they're being too loud

That's all I can think of. Figuring out that putting an ACTION with different words makes a complete world of difference in our frustration levels with each other, she gets frustrated because I can't figure out what a finger point to the fridge is with the E E E and I get frustrated because she's frustrated, wants SOMETHING, is INSISTENT on trying to get it, but after 50 guesses as to what she may want and her throwing a tantrum that that wasn't WHAT she'd wanted, kinda wears on you, especially when it's repeated every few minutes. :(

She is starting to do a LOT better at transitioning from one activity to another, isn't focusing so much on one particular toy/activity. In the past she'd leave what she was doing for 2 minutes max, before going back to doing it or throwing a fit if she wasn't allowed to.

Her therapist did share a link with me on Sensory Disorders, that has a complete check-list of things for me to go through and mark off whatever I think describes her...go figure that she "scored HIGH" in the section of Hyposensitivity To Movement or Under-Responsive, meaning she constantly is seeking out movement, always has to be on the go go go go AND loves Sensory Seeking Behaviors, again movement related, so I'm going to bring that up at our next therapy session...

I just finished reading a lot on that site, as I was basically forcing Mikaila to sit still long enough to go to sleep :doh: But at least she's out now...time was only 2:40 when she finally STOPPED long enough TO go to sleep. It takes every bit of my strength that I can get mustered up at this time of day to hold her arms & legs still long enough to get her to BE still, then she'll finally relent when she realizes she is NOT going to fight her way out of it this time because I am at the end of that rope, so then she'll cuddle in, continuously move my head just so to suit her, move my arms where she wants them, often wanting me to squeeze tighter around her, then she's out. I honestly just don't have good strength to keep doing this and I am in so much flippin' PAIN it's not even describable. One of these days I figure I'll be able to have enough scrimped back to where I can treat myself to something like a massage, because heaven forbid my husband who went to massage therapy school for a short period of time, before one of his work related injuries, would give me a good massage. :doh: I know he works and such, plus has a pretty full social life so that puts time constraints on us...then there's the matter of Mikaila and her no sleepiness, making it such that I can't even think about going to bed until some 4-6 hours after Brian's been snoring. :(

I digress though. I'm really happy about figuring out about putting some actions with words, because she REALLY absorbs all of that unbelievably! :clap: Now it's a matter of figuring out some other actions to go with a few other words (mainly just for our joint sanity) and hoping that she picks up saying other words without actions to go with them all. :pray: :doh:

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