Saturday, December 19, 2009

I made a mad dash to my grandma's this morning to do a load of bedding from my bed, because we only have one set of sheets for our bed & Mikaila had decided my bed needed a good soaking... :mad: BUT Brian had to be at work by 11, cutting my window WAY down in order to be able to do it without taking both the kids with me. I had until 10:30 to make it back home...I made it... ;)

BUT on my way home, flying down the highway, behind a pick-up truck loaded down with insulation, 2x4s, etc, going 65mph one of his unsecured bags of fiberglass insulation comes flying out at me. The guy driving the truck was completely oblivious to it flying out, of course I was almost getting ready to pass him at this point, so I was fairly close :bag: and the bag nearly got hit by my minivan. :doh:

I honked, flashed my lights at him, but he didn't stop, so I pulled in at the nearest safe spot, ran back down the I was pushing my 10:30 deadline (it was 10:27, by the van clock)...grabbed the bag from out of the middle of the highway & threw it in the back seat.

I got home, just before the "buzzer", called the local lumber store, and sure enough my Nana Pennye's son answered the phone. I explained to him what was up, he of course knew exactly who I was talking about and will either let him know where he can find it or will come by and pick it up to hold for him when he comes back in for it. :clap: It's an older man and he doesn't see a need for cell phones, so there's no way to get ahold of him at this time. :doh:

:shock: That's a $60 bag of insulation...

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