Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Going to Have To

Because of the extreme immaturity of some folks I'm going to be making my blog private, available only to viewers of my choosing, if you would like an invite and did not get one, please leave me a comment, or send me an email. Invites will be going out this week, I'll be closing this to the public in the next week or so. Kinda sad, I know for ME to have to put my blog private, especially when I'm not opposed to sharing it with everyone, but because of the immaturity displayed, by a persons or two, because they have issue with what I write but insist on coming back to get their panties in a wad, over and over, only to call my husband, whine to him about it, at his place of business, nonetheless, I'm just going to close this from their temptations. Its also been freaking me out QUITE a bit that they use the reason of "we just want to see pictures of the kids" is just kind of creepy. If they really want pictures of the kids they can ask, give an updated mailing address, not return the packages sent to them, not insist that we make NO contact to them.

Quite mature for them to seek out trying to create drama, it's been shown repeatedly that they're not mature enough to handle acting like an adult, they wished for us to make no more contact, so we abide by their "rules" only to have to hear from them every few weeks about some new complaint or whatever, thinking that they can make my marriage to my husband just as pathetic as their own. Well, guess what, those things that you call my husband about in regards to MY blog - he reads my blog, he knows what's there, he doesn't give me grief then about what he reads - when you call him and complain about what I write in my blog and he comes home and tells me about it - we have some coffee and a laugh about it, followed by an eye roll, and that's the end of it.

So that is that. Have a good day.

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