Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flame me now!

My daughter is having ...for dinner, mind you...ham slices, Velveeta cheese cubes, pumpkin bread, a banana, & ketchup. :doh:

I did try to get her to eat the leftover ham & beans, but she wasn't interested.

Instead she took my by the hand to the fridge. She pointed out the ham, then the drawer I keep the cheese in (for some reason Velveeta is the only cheese I have in there, besides cream cheese :confused: ), pointed out the pumpkin bread, then grabbed the ketchup. :doh: And has proceeded to request refills on the ketchup, now 3 times. :doh: I threw a banana in there for a bit of "value" to her meal....a banana that she actually dipped in her ketchup and ate...after the 3rd ketchup refill.

BUT I can say this is the first time she's ever really "protested" against any food, period, and she did do decent at picking out a balanced meal...of sorts...granted you count ketchup as a vegetable. :giggle: :doh:

I figure it won't hurt to let her pick a meal once in a while, regardless of the head shaking I do after the fact. She did eat it all...well, all that she didn't feed to the cat, after her belly was full. ;) :doh:

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