Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guess I'm going to have

to put this up here every once in a while.

If you want nothing to do with us, but yet insist upon being a petty bitch, by spending all your time finding something to be offended about by reading my blog just STOP.

You are not going to do anything but invoke more ridicule to yourself.

Stop being petty. Go take your 5 minute walks once every few months to get in shape, use that time to think about how to better your life & the lives of your children. Work on your marriage. In other words, MIND TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS! It's part of being an adult. Quit worrying about what anyone else is doing, especially when it doesn't effect your life.

It would make a whole world of difference to your marriage - likely not, but it might - if you took the time to be involved in it more than you're involved with the lives of everyone else.

It is also QUITE IMMATURE to call my husband at his place of business to complain about something that *I* wrote. You have a problem with *MY* blog you talk to me about it or you quit reading it. It's that simple.

Thank you, have a good evening. Merry Christmas!

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