Friday, June 19, 2009

New Puppy (yes, again, I know)

Her name is Ratchet. :giggle: ..... She's not quite 6 weeks old yet. :shock: However she is already eating solid foods & Fred feels that it's best to start her a bit younger with our family so that she learns that the cats, dog, & children are all her family & not dangers. ;) He's been raising & training well mannered pits for a number of years so I'm trusting his judgment on this matter, regardless of how I feel about it being early for her to be away from her own momma. .... :giggle: :doh: Piston keeps trying to get her to nurse off of her though, which has been a bit interesting.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 799 x 599)Image
Zoom in (real dimensions: 799 x 599)Image

She is a full blooded Pit Bull, of the same line as "Petey" from Little Rascals. :heart: Our landlord is the owner of the mother & father, who are both some of the biggest (big) babies I know. Even though they were adults & she was nursing a litter of puppies when I first met them they have always been very friendly & lovable, even to Mikaila who loves nothing more than to "torment" furbabies. :wub: LL's husband "pawned" her off on Brian this morning, who left it up to me to say no..knowing full well that I have a really hard time saying no once they're in my sight, especially on the property already. :bag: :wub:

:bag: :doh: Now this new addition puts me up to 6 critters who are "potty training". GREAT things so far about Ratchet is she's already gotten the hang of letting us know she needs to go & will obediently follow me across the yard ...but does her business in my flower bed right by the porch :doh: . So far the rest of the potty training critters are hit & miss. Mikaila has been a total of 16 hours with no accident (that includes overnight, as she went to bed at 11pm, in a dry diaper, took that diaper off & threw it out of the crib at sometime during the night & was still dry when she got up, been dry all day, going 4 times on the potty!!!) However all of the kittens seem to be scared of the litter box, choosing to do their business on plastic mats, plastic bags, or pieces of paper that happen to be in the floor.... :confused: :doh: :roll:

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