Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aww....I have no sympathy. honestly.

So back in March of 2005 my ex was ordered to start paying child support.

In May of 2005 he screwed up his probation & went back to jail.

In November of 2008 he got back out, when his sentence was up.

I received a CS payment in Jan & Feb of 2009, equal to the amounts due those months.

I talked to my CS caseworker last week and she believes that they're able to run a felony warrant out for him as the current amount owed is close to $10,000 and he hasn't made a payment or is even reported as working anywhere since Feb.

So I imagine that *if* an officer is able to track him down he'll be going back to jail no later than August of 2009. If an officer isn't able to track him down & serve him with the papers, because he's moved or anything along those lines he'll definitely be going back to jail for violating Megan's Law that states sex offenders are to have their residential locations updated & accurate.

I'm most positive that he's working, and likely working for the same guy he's always worked for in that area. Only thing about that is that guy might not realize that he's a sex offender...or maybe he does and doesn't care...but that'd mean my ex is working with children between the ages of 12-15, without other adult supervision. So another strike against him. That or he's working for his brother, painting houses. Or for any other number of people he knows out there. That I have no doubt about. They're all thieves who owe thousands in child support, or have cheated the system out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the like.

Now, I'm not terribly worried about the money. I have been doing this since September of 2003 without a dime of assistance from anyone and am getting along quite beautifully as it is. However that almost $300 a month can go a long way towards my renovation projects and extra activities.

This coming week I'll find out if they're able to run the felony warrant for him to be picked up. I do know that there is a warrant out for him already for failing to appear before the courts, a warrant for non-payment, his driver's license has been suspended, and all that goes into just missing payments and not appearing before the judge. Felony warrant implies that they're going to go pick him up.

I feel quite smug about all this. He brought all this upon himself and it's nice to see him start to "pay for it" so to speak.

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