Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.

And when I REALLY started to think that was at about 3am...

All morning Friday we dealt with severe storms, with funnel clouds being spotted in town, with a direct path of intent down the highway here in front of the house. So of course I had to pull all the crap out of the floor of my closet..blah blah blah...just to sit here and nothing outside of rain appear. That finally cleared out in the late afternoon & so I had to put all that crap back into the floor of my closet. times, but basically boring.

Later in the evening, around 11 my mom & stepdad came out to hang out for a few, we'd bought a 6 pack, the kids were both asleep, seemed like a good idea, at the time. My stepdad has had some issues with his blood pressure lately, not to mention he's still on crutches, despite having his cast taken off last week. Well, as we were sitting out on the porch he started to just pour sweat & got very light headed & went to stand up & get some air and passed out ...scared the piss out of me, he did recover after a few minutes & was much better this morning after he got some sleep, but I'm still going to have a talk with him about taking his medications properly & cutting WAY back on his drinking or hopefully cutting it completely out....I found out later that "he didn't have much to drink", prior to coming out, just only maybe a 12 pk :mad: .

During all that Mikaila woke up... :roll:

And just as I was getting her to start settling down enough to go back to sleep I hear the tell tale thump thump thump of someone trying to go down the road with a completely flat tire. And then they catch sight of my lights being on and go to pull in the driveway. Only problem with that is the drive way was still another 20ft down the way, so they drove straight through my yard. Its 1am, on a Friday night, of course they're drunk...around here anyways. I go out to see what the deal is...they need to borrow a jack. and OMG! The stench of alcohol was :spya: I hand them my jack & walk back inside to let Brian know what's up and see if he'd mind getting up & trying to put Mikaila back down & call the sheriff's dept....I am not going to let these folks drive to wherever they're going smelling like they smelled. :mad: I go back out to check on the, who's the one driving is standing there, has no clue how to change a tire... :sigh: nothing new there... And the dude is trying his DAMNEDEST to loosen the lugnuts & then jack the vehicle up to change the tire. He was at it for almost 30 minutes. Now keep in mind it'd rained most of the day VERY hard...and I have swamp for yard. Dude passes FLAT OUT in a mud puddle. :lmao: Gal gets him up & out of the way & I change out their tire for them. Only problem is they're driving a smaller SUV...and the "spare" is a donut that goes on maybe a small two door car. :roll: :doh: And trying to drive off was completely impossible, having the wrong size of wheel & tire on many newer vehicles locks them up tight & they won't go. Its now 2 :coffeeyawn: and no one from the sheriff's dept had come out yet & they have no cell phone, so I let her call her grandma, who lives roughly an hour away, to come get them...they offered to pay me to take them home, but Brian was adamant that I not, besides the fact they lived almost an hr away still. I get back in, call the sheriff's dept again, and we wait...and wait...and wait. Finally the cops almost 3. :roll: :doh: They determine that the gal isn't drunk, or at least shows no signs that she's intoxicated, they definitely peg the guy as drunk, so they sat out in my driveway until the grandma showed. :thud: They go on their way.

I get up this morning and I have yet again forgotten to get coffee filters.

The couple from early this morning showed up this afternoon, turns out the gal just had a baby 10 days ago, and he'd been at the babysitter's all night. It took the guy maybe 20 minutes to get it changed out and they were gone again.

The kids haven't been too :crazy: today, which has been a relief! But I've gotten a wild hair today and I don't quite think I have many unturned corners left to clean out & organize now. Which is great, but exhausting at the same time.

I'm hoping the rest of the weekend stays this mellow, I've had enough excitement! :giggle: :doh:


I definitely need a nap. However I am not going to be able to. Friend of ours called, she & her husband are going to come out later, after Brian's off work, and hang out for a few. Nothing wrong with that, except I have a bunch of stuff that I need to sort through that I just threw into laundry baskets to "get to later" & my kitchen is still a bit less than desirable. :doh:

And I set a bowl of strawberries out of the freezer so I can make some jelly, going to try my hand at strawberry & apple jelly. :yum: But I'm so tired & that only creates more mess for me to have to clean up. :thud:

I was going to take a nap while Mikaila was napping, but Mikeal insisted on wanting to play Chinese Checkers, so I beat him at a few games of that. :embarrassed: :giggle: I really really tried to help him, I really did. And three phone calls, so no nap for me.

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