Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a bit giddy....

My XH is back in jail. :giggle:

The foremost reason is for contempt of court orders to pay child support, at over $10,000 behind, was set up on a payment plan when he last got out of jail, in December, was supposed to go back to court here every month for at least 6 months until he showed promise that he was going to be making the payments on time each month. He made the December payment. January his paychecks were garnished for the amount owed that month, he quit his job at the end of January "because he couldn't live off the money he was left with after having his check garnished". He did not show up for court in January as ordered...nor since... At the end of February a payment was made...nothing since. In January, when it was found out he'd quit his job & missed that court date he told the child support case worker that he made the payment and therefore had no intention of going to court. :roll: :doh: And has since evaded her.

Of course he's also a registered sex offender (against a 5 year old girl) so it wasn't hard for them to find him to pick him up...but on the flip side of that my case worker found out where he's currently working...well, rather who he's working for. He's working in the same line of work that he was doing when he attempted to molest that little girl - door to door sales. :mad: ...A job he's not supposed to be holding. ;) I have an appointment with the DA tomorrow anyways about the neighbor kid ongoing saga thing....I believe I'll be expanding on that appointment. ;) :innocent:

I'm chuckling. :lol: The man deserves to be buried under the jail, but I suppose, for the time being, the jail being in the basement of the courthouse, it'll do.

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