Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mean Ol' Neighbor Lady, Am I

So back in March the 16year old broke into our house while we were gone & stole quite a bit from our house.

We made a deal with him that he'd come over and do work for us over the summer so that he knew what $3000 worth of things actually takes to get. His parents aren't going to teach him respect & hard work, someone has to...this was in leiu of us pressing charges against him.

I have only seen him twice since school let out. He's done a whole total of 6 hours of work that I'd give him credit for...basically just 3 hrs of actual work...half-assed work at that.

He came over a few minutes ago. And I expressed to him my displeasure with him. He had come over just to "hang out", I suppose. He gave no reason other than a shoulder shrug when I asked him about what he was over here.

I simply told him in that case he needs to go back home. He stole from us. He then lied to us about going to be coming over to do work, and I was very disappointed and displeased with him and that was all I had to say.

He started to give me excuses that he wasn't home all weekend. I then countered with telling him that there was still a Mon-Fri and if he was going to work it was 40 hrs a week for 12 weeks as per the original agreement.

He left out of here slamming my door behind himself as he stated he'd be over tomorrow.

Oh I am not a very happy...not happy AT ALL!

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