Thursday, June 4, 2009



Remember me and the fun we had,
The trouble we got in when we were bad.
Remember the time we stayed out late,
We must have touched the hand of fate.
Remember our friends Sharon, Vicki, and John,
The party we had until dawn.
Remember the time you asked me to go steady,
I said I thought I was ready.
Remember the time we went all the way,
You can forget, but I had to stay.
Now I'm in a home for unwed mothers,
But you shouldn't care you're just like the others.
Now I'm in the hospital, fighting the pain,
I'm keeping the baby 'cause it needs a name.
The doctor came in a minute ago,
He said there was something he thought all should know.
Now the nurse had to tell me,
I was going to die,
Now there is just one last tie,
Take care, I love you, and Good-bye. . .

~Stephi Linn~

This one was first published back in 1994, I wrote it sometime in early 1994, I wasn't quite 12 years old yet. Written in honor of a friend of mine.

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