Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Today was a good day! I went out and picked up my stepbrother from his truck earlier (he's an over the road truck driver and had time to spare) and despite the bright sun and extreme 100* temps, we had a great time hanging out and letting the kids play!

We first stopped below Pensacola Dam, at Little Blue State Park to take pictures of the water rushing out of one of the spillways.

Mikeal posing on a log in front of the spillway

Another Pose

Mikeal just before I pushed him into the water -- he enjoyed it.

Then when we got to my mom's we found out that my sister was on her way over with her 2 year old son. She wanted to "get away from her husband for the evening and drink some (a LOT)". All fine and well, I suppose, except I cannot see how any self-respecting person can decide to bring her child along for one of her drinking expeditions, granted around family, decide to get drunk, and then proceed to announce that she's going to be spending the night there, completely ignoring the fact that her step-brother already has claim to the bed, and then neglects to keep an eye on her child, regardless of how many other adults are there & already watching their own children (namely, me). But the topping on that cake was when I was explaining to Mikeal that Uncle Bradley was going to be sleeping in the bed, Ryan was going to be sleeping in the playpen, and that Aunt Sammy was going to be sleeping on the couch, thus making the house a bit crowded for him to spend the night as well, my sister proceeds to vehemently interject with her fact that "she & Ryan will be sleeping in the bed".!

My step-dad came up with the idea that since the kids were already playing in the sprinkler to get one of the rolls of plastic out of the shed & make a slip-n-slide for them! The kids had a BALL! Including Mikaila who didn't quite grasp the concept of sliding but did her damnedest to do so anyways. She'd lay down on the plastic and would proceed to scoot herself on her belly down the plastic. It was cute! Quite HOT outside, but the kids had a blast and that's what matters!

Later we turned off the water, about dark, and in an effort to contain the younger two for a minute we let them play in Grandma's car. LOL

The day ended on a decent note, even with us "kids" (who were there) posing for a picture together. L-R : Myself, Bradley, and Samantha My "size 2" sister, 2 1/2 years after the birth of her son and the invention of her Little Debbie Graveyard

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