Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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I'm so nervous and excited and sick and aggravated I can't sleep.

Nervous about the court hearing on the 23rd. Any other time I've had to show for court on the child support matters I either didn't HAVE to show up, but did anyways because it's only a few minutes from the house, or if I did have to show up I had some detailed information on what the court hearing was to be about - such as the modifications. The other day I get a letter that simply says I need to show up to testify on behalf of the child support enforcement agency...zero other information outside of the date and time. I know the dumbass isn't going to show up, they released him on the 23rd of December on probation on a felony warrant for failure to pay support and has yet to send a single dime OR report to the probation officer. I told the judge this was going to happen, I'm not stupid, this is the second time she's released him in the last 6 months because he said he had a job and would be paying...hasn't paid anything in almost a year...only $500 in the last 6 years. Now I know if you were to compare me to the judge, the lawyers, the court liasons, and even my ex husband, I'm the baby...by almost 10 years the baby...but I'm not stupid. I was married to the dumbass for 5 years...only lived with him for almost 2 of those 5 years, but still - yes it took me 3 years to get the divorce because of him being in prison, in another state, for child molestation charges... Anyways I have to testify before the judge.

Now we had planned on packing up the moving truck on the 15th or so to move out to Tennessee....but that's been postponed by a week so that we don't have to make an immediate trip back out here for me to go to court.

I'm so excited about moving! I have not been very fond of this area nor very many people in this area. I have honestly hated living in this area since I was 12 years old, when we first moved here. Many of the people here are the most closed minded, racist, uneducated, white trash, sorry excuses for humans that call themselves Christians I've ever had the misfortune of knowing. They put on a good show for a few months - hell Brian fell for it for over two years - and because of the fact Brian couldn't see what I was trying to tell him and warn him about it caused a LOT of BIG fights between us. He didn't understand that I might actually know what I was talking about.

The real catalyst came at the end of last month when his leg got to the point that he couldn't walk on it and we actually had the money for him to get in to see a doc about it. Doc put him on restrictions, and because of those restrictions his paying job wasn't going to allow him to work - they can't accommodate light duty - so because of that he also wasn't able to go to his "job" that he doesn't get paid for. Snowball effect from that is everything that I've been "nagging" Brian about that was going to happen, happened. Dude that he did work for for free didn't take kindly to Brian having to be off work for a while, landlord kept re-nigging on the terms of us being able to buy this house, her husband (who Brian was working with at the other shop, for free) came pounding on our door, threatened him in a roundabout way - that we better not be planning on screwing over his wife because he's not been at work, he doesn't call at the shop to let them know what's going on, etc ... For one, our rent wasn't even due until the NEXT day, which was also Brian's payday, we did have our income tax money cash on hand, no biggie...and had actually planned on paying about 3 months rent in advance because at that time we didn't know if Brian was going to be out of work to have surgery done on his leg or not, turned out to just be shin splints, but with the way the economy and bureaucrats are here there was no way to know if I was even going to be able to find a job, I'd already been looking for a few months....so we were going to pay all of our bills to be covered for the next few months. Because of the landlord's husband's stunt we gave her our 30 day notice, made arrangements and now will be moving to Tennessee. :D

I'm also excited because Brian talked to his District Manager here and everything is ready at this end for Brian to be transferred out, so he'll be keeping the same job. He'll also be getting a cost of living raise, which Brian said will be about $3 more an hour...BUT because the Nashville area has had a lot of growth lately they're looking for persons to run the stores, so Brian might actually get his promotion to management when we get out there - FINALLY - he's only been promised that promotion for the last 2 years...but I'm not going to get my hopes totally set on either of these two prospects until I see it...been kinda burned by hearing this for the last two years....Now we're just waiting to hear something from the Nashville District Manager about locations and offers.

I'm also sick. I don't know completely why, but it sucks! I have puked more times than I care to in a 24 hour period. I've been running a fever, and my sinuses have been draining 90 to nothing since I woke up.

And I'm aggravated because for the last few nights Mikaila has decided that she is ready to get up for the "day" at around midnight. She's also refused to nap during the day. I am quite sure that a lot of it has to do with the fact that her daddy is home or around all day everyday and she's super excited over that, but it is really starting to get old! She started displaying some of the same symptoms as myself this evening, runny nose, etc so I did give her some Benedryl, so that after having the melatonin earlier I'm hoping works to help her get some sleep tonight, instead of going to sleep at 5am and sleeping in until almost noon. She was doing so great there for a while of going to sleep like normal and sleeping most/all of the night, not getting up until about 5/6am...but she's fallen back into her old habits before we started the melatonin. SOOOO glad her therapist comes out tomorrow!

And to top it all off...I think my cat is pregnant...again. I just had her "fixed" in August - or so I thought. I know I paid for her to be fixed, I know she got a few stitches in her belly...but the telltale signs of gaining baby weight are all there, and it wasn't too long ago that I thought she was acting like she was in heat, but blew it off because I knew she'd been fixed. Ugh! I'll be so glad when we're away from the stupid stoned crackpipe doctors and vets around here!

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