Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Baby Brother, the U.S. Marine

I just recently found out that my baby brother is now currently in Afghanistan. I'm a bit irritated over him about it because I'd just talked to him on Facebook not too terribly long ago, and apparently he was already over there when we talked. :? We talked about his child that is due on his birthday, July 30th, he told me he'd broke his leg, while running...he did not mention that he'd broke it while securing a humvee in Afghanistan. I haven't gotten to see him since November 20, 2008. I miss him terribly and I'm worried about him.

If you can say a prayer for his safe return I'd greatly appreciate it...I'm sure his fianceé would as well. She's also in the Marines, but because of her pregnancy is not able to deploy...but I'm still worried about all three of them, Duke, his fianceé Amanda, and their baby. :heart: :cry: :pray:

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