Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Whine.

I'm tired of packing, cleaning, planning, cramming, and waiting, ugh the WAITING. Surprisingly I'm also tired of whining about it.

This whole thing just seem to drag and drag and drag. I'm bored. I haven't had classes to teach in a while either, so no pressing reason to get out of the house. Brian's been home from work for weeks, after just being on vacation for a week or more a month before.

We've all been on and off sick. Ok, not all of us, mainly just Mikaila and I, but still!

My sad main entertainment has come from the fact Brian now has a laptop so we can harass each other on Facebook. While sitting within arm's reach of each other. Its almost back to like it was when we were first dating/living to each other...except back then I had my computer in the living room, he'd be in the bedroom, when we had two computers at the same time.

Yea, at this time I have a very exciting life. Just waiting on Tuesday to get here and be done with! Monday we load the moving truck!

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