Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"On the House"

Yea...that would likely mean a bit more to me if it wasn't for the fact the reason was because our waitress was completely stoned and the kitchen hadn't "lost" our order....I'm going to say it's because the waitress was completely stoned is the reason the kitchen lost our order that was brought out to us QUITE cold - only warm from the heat lamps - and my salad had to be completely redone because it'd sat under the heat lamps so long it'd wilted, but I digress....

We've been wanting to go to Rib Crib for a few days, we tried on Friday, with some friends, but there was an "at least" 40 minute wait, and when you have a hungry 2 & 7 year old with you, and it's already well past dinner time, 40 minutes is a we went to the Chinese Buffet place instead. So we decided to go tonight, after all in my sickly phase I didn't remember to set anything out for dinner and didn't really feel up to cooking something anyways and we REALLY wanted some Honey BBQ wings.

We walk in the door, it's decently busy, but there were a few open tables. We were in line behind a guy that was there by himself...had obviously been standing there for a while. A waiter walked by, said someone would be right with us...okay. He makes a few trips back and forth, as well as does the gal that ended up being our waitress, before this fairly pregnant gal notices us standing there, she delivers the drinks that were in her hand, grabbed some menus, apologizes for our wait, gets onto the other two servers that had walked by now another 10 people had walked in the doors...and goes to seat us, I inform her that the other gentleman had been there before us, she seats us, stoner boy seats the single guy, the others are seated.

Our stoner chick waitress comes, takes our drink order, we already know what we want to eat and what appetizer we want, but she doesn't wait for us to let her know...she brings the drinks, the kids in cups with lids...and one straw. Two cups needed straws, I prefer a straw...she said she'd be right back with a straw. Takes our order...I grab pregnant waitress a little bit later, as she's waiting on the table next to us, and get a few more straws from her.

We wait, and wait. Table next to us leaves. Single guy that was at the table behind us gets his food. We wait. We wait some more. FINALLY our wings are brought out. It was so cute though since this was the FIRST time I've ever given Mikaila a chicken wing, whole...usually I spend half the time pulling the meat off the bone. She wiped those bones CLEAN of the chicken meat...and uses the empty bones to eat the ranch dressing. LOL

We finally convince her that they're all gone. And wait. We wait. Table next to us is reseated, single guy behind us is gone, meal ate, he even had some other folks come in and chat with him for a few. Regardless, he's ate, paid, left, his table is clean. We wait. Table next to us gets their appetizer. We wait.

I flag down a waiter from over the top of the booth, ask him if there might be a person of management on duty this evening. He tells me that he's busy in the kitchen, asked me if I was sure I wanted to talk to him. By this time I'm rather irritated. Table next to us is almost done with their appetizer...and they're just a young couple. I tell him that YES I am sure I would like to speak to him.

A few more minutes go by, table next to us is done with their appetizer, then our waitress shows up, asks us about drink refills, Brian was sucking on the ice by this point, and states that the kitchen somehow "lost" our ticket, but she'd have our food right out. She comes back a few seconds later with most of our food. Mikaila's cold and getting crusty macaroni and cheese, Mikeal's cold cheeseburger and fries, Brian's lukewarm 3 meat salad and the extra order of fries are no where to be seen.

She said they'd be right out.

Manager shows up. Tell us he'll comp our whole meal. Great, lovely, I didn't come to get a free meal, I came to eat the salad I ordered. I ask him about the progress of my salad and the fries, he states they'll be right out.

Pregnant waitress asks what drinks we had and actually brings us a refill for our Cokes.

Stoner waitress then returns, finally, with my salad and an order of fries, both obviously freshly made.

We eat the food. Pregnant waitress brings us some extra napkins, as again our waitress is no where to be found. Table next to us pay and leave.

We eat. Pregnant waitress again refill's Brian's glass.

We would of left had it not been for the fact that the kids were expecting a hot fudge sundae after they were done, it did come with their meal, after all, and Mikeal did eat all of his dinner with full expectations that he'd be getting ice cream for doing so (we've had an issue with him lately not doing more than just picking at his food)....

So we wait. Piles of dirty dishes on our table...and wait.

Stoner waitress can be seen chatting it up on the other side of the partition...try to flag her down a few times, and I'm not quite shy about flagging down a waitress in these types of circumstances. I've been a fact the hours I've been employed as a waitress competes with the amount of time I've had children...I've trained waitresses, I've been in management, I know things get hectic, I know things happen, and I'm QUITE tolerant in regards to things not really being of the fault of the waitress...This was not the case.

Pregnant waitress returned to clean the table next to us, I asked her about the sundaes for the kids, she promptly offered to bring them herself. Sure enough within about 2 minutes I see her returning with them, she stopped by to deliver a drink to one of her own tables, while holding the kids' sundaes, and bring us the sundaes. Perfect.

The kids were nearly done eating their sundaes when stoner waitress stops by the table, makes a short quip about asking us if everything was alright, and states that our meal was comped, so we were free to leave when ever we were ready....she tried to play nice to me, but I acted absorbed in helping Mikaila with her sundae, so she turned her attention to Brian. LOL

We waited for a few, Mikeal finished his sundae, Mikaila mostly finished hers, pregnant waitress finally had a chance to come finish cleaning off the table that was next to us, I slipped her a $5 tip, she tried to decline, but I wouldn't have it..I would of given her a bigger one but the only other bill I had was a $20 that I need to use later this week for something else. We didn't leave anything for stoner chick.

We arrived at about 6pm, actually a few minutes before, according to the clock in the van. We were back in the van at 7:45. UGH!

So yea, our $60 meal was "on the house" but it doesn't really mean much when the quality was below sub-par.

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