Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adventures in the Kitchen Vol 1 Ep 1 is a lot of fun

Except when you have two children who are under foot and up your butt the whole time....not to fail to mention two dogs and five cats.

It is because of this whole combo that I realized the battery in the smoke detector was not properly in place...

I started dinner.

I turned on the oven to preheat it....

Preheating to 450*

After some time my oven starts smoking - WTH!

I chalk it up to basically nothing, just something I'd spilled in there at an earlier date...

I throw some fishsticks on a baking sheet & then the oven "dings" letting me know it was heated to the required 450*.

I open the oven door to put the sheet of fish sticks in there...and then the mystery is solved.

I'd set some Italian sausages into the oven to thaw so that after I was done with dinner I could make up some mini frozen pizzas for use at a later date....just pop in the microwave & go.

Why the oven to thaw?

I have a momma cat who thinks the BEST food is food I am trying to prepare for my family. She'll take it out of the bowl, sink, counter, whereever it happens to be and knock it off onto the floor so that she can share the spoils with her 4 babies and the two dogs.

So the pouring smoke from the oven was from the burning plastic freezer bag that the Italian sausage had been in...the Italian sausage was baked well and encased in a new "skin" of plastic bag.

The house FILLED with smoke so I went to take down the closest smoke detector so that I didn't have to deal with that in combination with the screaming kids...only to find that the battery had been previously disconnected.

Fed the kids and Brian finally shows up...only about 45 minutes later than I was hoping to be expecting him.

My saving grace is the fact that promptly after dinner I gave Mikaila a bath and she went right to bed...I'm going to assume that she is asleep as I've heard not a single peep from her since and Mikeal will be going to bed early tonight because of his part in my throbbing headache.

Now to run to the store, pick up a few things, so that I can make some frozen pepperoni & cheese pizzas....

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