Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Not....

too terribly fond of my SIL...and no, this isn't the same SIL...this is actually MY SIL, my brother's WIFE... :shock: That sounds even weirder when I type it out, I have a hard time even saying it.

But yeah, my brother - father to my two nephews that we had last year, not the one in the Marines - got married here a couple of months ago....

Its EXTREMELY ODD to think of him as being married, period...but MAN! That boy has some HORRID taste in the women he's chosen to either date or now get married to....

1) She's an AWFUL mother. The first time I met her, when they were newly dating, she brought her 4 year old daughter with her out to my mom's. This child barely speaks, cries at the drop of a hat, is exceptionally MEAN, still uses a bottle, is still in diapers, etc...I'd expect this type of behavior from some unruly 2 year olds, but a 4 year old.. :? There is nothing "wrong" with the child medically and the like that would explain these things as legitimate - she just has an EXTREMELY unattached mother. :cry: ...I think she has since lost custody of the girl & she's living with an aunt & uncle, my brother and she got married to give a front of being a more stable family unit than they were just living together so as to help their case on getting her daughter back & Daniel getting custody of his boys. My brother is quite good when it comes to taking care of children, his or other peoples for that matter, but it does kinda worry me that he doesn't have the maturity to quit all the partying that he does.

2) She's VERY anti-social when it comes to interacting with women...that includes me who can be very chatty and friendly to even a dead stick...she can end any conversation QUICKLY and answers every question with just a one worded answer. Have someone else ask her the same question, who is of the male gender, and you can't get her to shush or keep her from hitting on them.

3) She's completely NASTY! She's a "professional exotic dancer" - at one of the nastiest places in that town, I know because I used to work as a bouncer in some of them, including the one she works at - and she cannot seem to get enough attention from any one man. My stepbrother, stepdad, a friend of my step brother, and my mom all were out at their place here a couple of months ago and I guess she was all about showing off her uhmhm piercings, tattoos, and just completely changed her clothes in front of all of them...including underwear... Her clothing of choice barely covers her a$$ and she's CONSTANTLY popping out of her shirts...when she wears a shirt. :spya:

I have a feeling this marriage is going to end VERY badly for my brother. :sigh: He's a very jealous person and I know she's going to act a certain way in front of him and the guy she's behaving that way to is not going to give the :? scowl that my step brother & father & my own husband have given when she's behaved in such a way, it's going to start a fight. :sigh: And Daniel is going to end up back in prison and will be put away this time for a VERY long time...he's currently out on 20 years of probation. - Stupid childish stuff that he did when he was 17/18, got out a couple years later the first time, went back because of his babies' momma whoring around & he losing his temper over that whole deal...just got back out this past Dec/Jan...So has only *known* his wife for a total of 7 months now.. :shock: :doh:

This whole bit just doesn't sit well with me. :sigh:

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