Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brian, my dear husband...

is really racking up those brownie points. :heart: :wub:

His dad came out on Sunday...with the basic intentions of trading a minivan he recently got - Ford Windstar - for my Taurus ...everyone just "feels better with me in a bigger vehicle" ((FWIW the only vehicles that I have totaled have been minivans that I've owned that were paid off :? :embarrassed: :bag: )) It was quite a practical deal, although I would of rather FIL would of brought out the Ford Ranger pick-up that could of seated everyone....Anyways today Brian went to go clean up the Taurus and spent a bit of time with his dad just the two of them earlier this morning. Came back and broke the news to me...They'd decided not to trade the Taurus for the Windstar....instead he's going to trade his Dodge Dakota for the minivan. :heart: He LOVES that truck...with the exception of the fact that besides the driver only one other person can ride in it - bucket seats & a console. Not to mention the Dakota is a SHARP looking truck.

So after my FIL sells off the Dakota he'll take the difference (cause the truck can sell at a higher price than what he had in the van) and apply that difference to a different truck for Brian - at this time the "new" truck is going to be an '87 Shortbed Chevy pick-up that he can at least haul both the kids in with him, but still also have a truck. It'll be a few months before that truck is brought out to us, but it's in mint condition with less than 70K miles on it (right now the *new* '99 minivan has 120K+ and my '02 Taurus has 192K miles on it...the '03 Dakota is around 130K... But when the new truck get here we'll have to pay the remaining difference of the price...but we're still getting a decent deal on it. ...Technically it works out - he wants $3,000 for the '87 truck - he paid $3200 for the van - he can likely get close to at least $5,000 for the Dakota - so the difference there is at least $1800 (he had the Dakota sold for $5500 before he brought it out at Christmas and sold it to us for $2500) - Bringing down the price we would have to pay for the Chevy to $1200...then when he takes the Taurus he can easily sell it for at least $2500 (likely much more than that) but at that number that'd put him ahead $1300. :cool: And we won't be out anything really - other than our poor insurance guy getting tired of changing our paperwork all the time (we renewed last week on the car & truck, now switching it tomorrow to the van, minus the truck...drop it to around $50 a month instead of $100 :doh: ...plus all the saved gas because the Taurus is SO much better on gas than the Dakota...by about 10mpg ...so with all of that we'd technically come out ahead monetarily wise too.)

:giggle: I lose ya yet?

But it really warmed my heart...to the point I had tears in my eyes... that he would do that so that if his work schedule was to get worked out decently I could either go back to school or get a small part time job or something without us having to go through all the troubles of no room in the vehicles, thus preventing me from being able to do any of these things reasonably/rationally. Also we actually have a back-up in case something were to happen to one of the vehicles we can still haul everyone. :wub:

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