Friday, July 31, 2009

Potty Training Vol 2

So after Mikaila's refusal to keep up with going in the potty I gave it a rest, figured she just wasn't ready to be potty trained, on top of the fact I was losing too much cool with it.

I planned on picking it back up after Mikeal went back to school, on the 12th of August.

Well, Mikaila has other plans.

She started absolutely refusing to wear a diaper or pull-up about a week ago. I'd put one on her and she'd have it back off before she got more than 5 feet away from me. Even would remove it in her sleep. The ONLY diaper that stayed on her long enough to actually get wet was one that I not only duct taped the straps down, but also safety pinned her pants to it, so she couldn't take off the pants to get to the diaper. She still got to the contents of the diaper and created a HUGE mess - got to the contents thru her pant leg...lovely, trust me.

So in the last week she has soiled three diapers, total.

Great you say! She's basically potty trained!!!

Yeah, not quite.

She has a preference for going in the floors. I can have her sit on the toilet and she can sit there for 20 minutes even - and nothing. Within 5 minutes of letting her up she's gone in the floor.

So I've been going thru a whole list of different ways to coerce her into actually going in the toilet. Its been VERY trying...but I think we're starting to make progress.

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